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Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Land Trust, Colorado. August 2017.

A Mystery Reading for The Lover Archetype

This is the third mystery reading in the Green Man series – brief texts that illuminate aspects of masculinity through nature while exploring the major masculine archetypes.  Chili Pepper and Avocado “Keep shaking the chili like that and you’ll send the seeds flying everywhere.” The Native peoples of the Americas made jokes in their languagesContinue reading “A Mystery Reading for The Lover Archetype”

A Mystery Reading for The Warrior Archetype

This is the second mystery reading in the Green Man series – brief texts that illuminate aspects of masculinity through nature while exploring the major masculine archetypes.  Lightning and Wind Humankind’s first experience with glass was probably the discovery of the filament-like unique shapes that result when lightning strikes the beach. These shapes, half buriedContinue reading “A Mystery Reading for The Warrior Archetype”

Mysteries of the Green Man

The Green Man Group recently began at my local naturist park. As it is currently run, it is a once-a-month hour-long session of Kundalini yoga for men, with themes such as creativity or acceptance, loosely based on movement through the chakras. The same instructor runs a parallel group for women called Goddess Gathering. I haveContinue reading “Mysteries of the Green Man”

Disrobing Suspense: Wallace Greensage

An installment in the Disrobing Suspense series of interviews with naturist writers Wallace M Greensage (Wally) has been publishing naturist fiction since 2016, although he began imagining scenarios for naturist storytelling when he discovered his penchant for nudity in his late teens. His New Albion trilogy is named for the fictional island where the novels take place,Continue reading “Disrobing Suspense: Wallace Greensage”

Disney’s Pro-Nudity

Here’s what this post is about, in a nutshell: Disney seems to support getting you out of your clothes. No, I don’t mean that now you can go naked at Disney parks (Imagine!) or on Disney cruises. Not yet, anyway. But, way beyond Donald Duck-ing (also known as Winnie the Pooh-ing – when you wearContinue reading “Disney’s Pro-Nudity”

Get Naked

I have a wall hanging, a sign that says “get NAKED.” It’s a gift from a loved one who is very special to me, and when I was challenged by her recently to be more open, I remembered this sign. So I used its message to help me reflect on some key points I learnedContinue reading “Get Naked”

That Nude Scene in Roma

The Oscars are just a few days away, and if you haven’t had a chance to see Alfonso Cuarón’s black-and-white Mexico City opus Roma, you can still watch it on Netflix or at your local theater. It’s been nominated in ten categories, including best picture, foreign language film, director, cinematography, lead actress and supporting actress. TheContinue reading “That Nude Scene in Roma”

A Naked Assessment

2018 was another great year for me personally as a naturist. Travel: I was able to visit new naturist locales in Spain and in Canada, accompanied by loved ones. Communities: I again ran in the 5K at Oaklake Trails and broke my previous record for book sales at their Fall Arts Festival, also accompanied byContinue reading “A Naked Assessment”


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