Co-ed Naked Philosophy

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 Quotes from Co-ed Naked Philosophy

“Nudity is truth. Nudity is sincerity. It allows us to see beyond social class and pretension, of which clothing is always an indicator. Paradoxically, nudity helps us see past gender, of which, again, clothing is always an indicator and even an exaggerator. And nudity encourages us not only to express ourselves unabashedly, but also to openly receive and understand the honest expressions of others.”
Christopher Ross, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Gulf Coast University

“Context is everything.”
Christopher Ross

“A definite attraction of nudism is that the more you see so much naked flesh, the better you appreciate relationships among bodies, health, beauty, movement, and thought.”
Angela Saucedo, Associate Professor of Education, Gulf Coast University

“Nudism just means being naked but naturism means more like living in harmony with nature the way God created us.”
Tucker Bierson, Landscaper

“There is no reason for you to get drunk and go flip your top up and down for a few bucks and a cheap thrill. You should be fighting for the right to show as much of your body as you want, whenever you want.”
Renee B. Minette, Student, Gulf Coast University

“What you wear, or don’t wear, is no more a condition for sinfulness than for holiness.”
Christopher Ross

“If you’re surrounded by nudity you gain more respect for people’s bodies. It’s not pornography, it’s just biology, and it starts to be uplifting in a general humanitarian sense.”
Daphne Baldwin, Student, Gulf Coast University

“I think you guys have no idea how lame it is to run, to swim, with shorts on after you’ve done it naked. Or maybe you can imagine it, but you’re too embarrassed, and for no good reason, only because you’ve been taught to react that way. It’s easier to run with the wind than against it, isn’t it?”
Alex Garret, Student, Gulf Coast University

“Society shouldn’t make us ashamed to be nude. And the media shouldn’t lead us to associate nudity automatically with sex.”
Terrence Jameson, Student, Gulf Coast University

“Accepting nudity does not mean tolerating flagrant sexuality. Accepting nudity does mean welcoming inherent sexuality.”
Christopher Ross

“Clothes seem like our natural covering, but they’re not. They rip and tear and get dirty and go in and out of fashion, and this is all very important for many people. Fact is: a lot of the time we don’t need clothes, we’re just conditioned to think we do.”
Christopher Ross

“Designated clothes-free areas for learning are the best solution for understanding our humanity. Professional studies have shown that language, movement, and sensation are all interrelated in the brain’s processing. Since nudity gives us greater freedom of sensation and movement, then language, as well, enjoys a greater freedom in the brain’s processing if you’re nude. Language is basic for learning, so what all this means is that if you’re nude you’re open to learning on a more profound level.”
Angela Saucedo

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