The Body Poetic

The body poetic
                       is greater than the sum 
                                      of its infinite parts.
Have you felt?
The body_poetic palpitates and alliterates abundantly
           and shines,
                       when wet and lustrous,
                               naturally nonchalantly nakedly nude.
The body-poetic rhymes
but its contours burst the bindings of
                                                       stanza                      and
mediated, stereotyped font terse verse.
size does not fit all.
          What is the same is that each
                                               body PoetiC
                  is uniQue.

The BoDy POEtic is a series of articulations that are speech acts 
                     in a corporeal repertoire                   of the utmost utterance.
The body (poetic) dives
so its skin can skim and shimmer in a sunlit sunkissed skinny dip 
                                             of slippery linguistic interminglings.
The body* poetic has but one tongue but speaks many 
                                                      and its voices sing and shout 
but also hum and throb and slap and sneeze 
and cough and sigh and sob and wheeze.
The BODY POETIC nakedly and brazenly avoids the editor and the photoshop
but keeps up with hygiene
                     and healthy diet
                         and exercise
                            and sex
                               and recycling
                                  and life-long learning
because health and wit make lust for life.
The bodi poetik is so HIGH and so low and so W  I  D  E and so nude:
Have you felt?
                                  It is
a probe more intimate than the deepest penetration, 
         a projection  more   far – – – – – flung    than     the      wildest          ejaculation       .

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