The Empire’s New Clothes

Of 2012’s Events reviewed,
a rhyming Tale of Royals Nude.

There lies an Isle across the Sea

that hosts a Royal Family:
a Queen, her Son, two Princes – Heirs
and Scions of Celebrity.
The Family’s known in World Affairs,
their Lives attracting many Cares
since Princes’ Mum died fleeing Fame:
a Fairy Tale that’s seldom fair.
For Privacy, for Fear of Shame,
the Empire guards the Royal Name,
with Movement marked and Gesture planned
lest any Feelings stake their Claim.
But Mirth there was throughout the Land
when elder Prince asked for the Hand
of Girlfriend, now a Duchess, she
who complements him, coiffed and tanned.
Their Wedding brought great Joie-de-vivre.
Then followed more Festivities:
Olympic Games for Athletes’ Skill,
the Queen’s own Diamond Jubilee.
But younger Prince had had his Fill
of Duties. So, with Time to kill,
he sojourned to a City wild
to have some Fun while youthful still,
and there he laughed, and danced, and smiled.
By his friend Flash he was beguiled.
Said Flash, “No one will see this Shot.”
With that the Prince was reconciled.
But in the Pic the Papers got,
the Prince is wearing Clothing not,
and sports a rather altered State.
The Empire’s Brow soon formed a Knot.
The Prince was scolded. All Debate
on Nudity was far too late.
Then he was off, a War to fight.
Too soon, another Naked Fate:
The Newlyweds from Home took Flight.
In warmer Clime they did alight,
to rest and ramble in the Sun,
for each, the other’s sure Delight.
But barely had her Break begun
when Duchess, sunning, seen to None,
she thought, removed her Top. And then,
Flash sprang, and snapped. The Zoom Lens spun,
and Scandal bared its Chest again,
with one, then two, then five or ten
Newspapers, Magazines, and more
unveiling Eve in her Edèn.
The Royals and their Court abhor
a Breach of Privacy. The Door
of Shame should ne’er be left ajar,
lest Standards drop down to the Floor.
The Empire sued both near and far.
Meanwhile the Pair of trav’ling Stars
moved southeast, to the Tropics, where
the local Dancers spin and spar
top-free, and let Flash shoot and stare.
Of Cult’ral Diff’rences aware,
they nonetheless are proud to show
their Breasts before the blushing Pair.
And here’s the Rub, to learn and know:
Our Fears and Prejudices go
when we revel in Nudity.
And Flash? Import do not bestow.

2 thoughts on “The Empire’s New Clothes

  1. Striking account of our need as a society for titillation. I sometimes get discouraged and feel as if we are being forced into a retreat as if the Western World psyche is headed for another dark age. Still, like you Will, I refuse to give up the light. Thanks.


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