My third naturist novel is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats!

Eddie Fife is an English sailor in the Caribbean in 1662. When he’s abducted by a band of buck-naked buccaneers and forced to take a stand in their battle with the Sea Witch, he finds strength and love in the most unusual of circumstances.

In this swashbuckler without buckles, Will Forest brings to life a fascinating world of pirates, fugitives and sirens whose naked liberty, while speculative, has historical precedent.

Have a listen to my interview about Skinners with Evan Nix on The New Nudist Podcast!

Reviewers say:

“Will Forest does it again, this time bringing us a very plausible and fast-paced story of an Englishman kidnapped by nudist pirates and the adventures that ensue. Highly recommended reading for nudists and non-nudists alike.” (source)

“The novel is well-written and shows the author’s command of the language, and of plot. He has also created dialogue based on local language and patois, that for me, having traveled extensively in the Caribbean, rang true. He explains his research on this and other topics in the story in an excellent afterward. I recommend Skinners to those who love a good pirate story as well as those who’ve entertained thoughts of cruising the Caribbean with a bunch of friends – naked or clothed.” (source)

“This is a well written engaging read, with an interesting and different view of society. Likeable characters and interactions. Most enjoyable.” (source)

“Eddie Fife is captured by a unique group of pirates with intriguing stories of their own. This is but one part of Eddie’s adventures which tie together quite well. A good mix of adventure, history and romance make for an enjoyable fun read.” (source)

“A wonderful and well-researched story. Eddie Fife tumbles into a strange adventure from the very start of the book. Waking up on a ship isn’t a first for him, but the way how… that is new. […] Eddie’s adventures don’t end there. Intriguing sea creatures that aren’t what they seem, and the introduction to a community that wants to stay hidden from ‘the wrong people’ are all ingredients for this story, which is filled with skins, fresh air and revelations.” (source)

“A clever, well-constructed story […] about Eddie Fife, a 17th-century sailor on a British merchant ship in the Caribbean, on the surface. It has another level or two buried in its pages. Eddie Fife turns out to have adventures that would not be out of place in Gulliver’s Travels – travels and travails with Captain Barlo and his naked pirates, the mermaids and the Sea Witch. Will Forest casts a Swift-like eye across issues of today, dealing with prejudice and abuse of the weak by the powerful. Slavery, rape and exploitation of resources, including the poor by the rich merchant class, are addressed in the various ‘lands’ the rather simple soul, Eddie Fife, visits in his naked travels.” (source)

“I think Will Forest has done a commendable job of penning his thoughts. The main children of his pen come alive in this novel. He has skillfully woven social issues and makes the reader realize that quite a lot of things can get settled if people were to simply accept each other as they were. Without clothes, weather permitting.” (source)

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