blue sister

they had already drained my bowels
and still their enema ejaculate
flushed me out all over the reservoir pan
with all that fracking probing they leave me scarred
fed up with plowing my breasts my belly they prod my deepest recesses
you know they poke me enough i will rumble and belch                                      
they don’t need a richter to register that truth
in the most delicate parts of their tiny bodies wrapped to excess
how the hell in hell they act surprised
when they raise my hell to the surface
they infect me give me a fever and then hope i won’t cry too much
i can take it better than they can but
i will take longer to heal than they can wait
it is what you can expect from an offspring invasion
they raise the gun over the garden
the motor above the muscle the future ahead of the present
and the tender of money over the tender of minds
in fear they trample one road to my spirit
it has become a ravine of bloody mud
when the pristine paths i offer them are more than they can learn to count
red brother i’m going to need your help sooner
get ready for a land run
they are dying to leave
and leaving me only death
well death yes and also trash
it’s all those broken shoes that really get me
in the dumps wires poking through busted bras
if they knew how much their industry for clothing revolts me
they could anticipate when I sob and retch
they gawp and exclaim what is the world coming to
the world is coming to you red brother
ps in the meantime i need a booster shot
with good aim please
send more asteroids

Image: Black Light Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

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