So many poems! Here’s an introductory poem based on an old favorite – for more titles, see the dropdown menu.


If you are a nudist, jump in.

If you are a nudist, a nude-is-not-rude-ist
a naturist beacherist true birthday suit-ist,

If you’re a no-clothes-er, a naked nap dozer,
a barefoot all over from head to your toes-er,

If you’re often naked, your clothing forsake-d,
your moon by the moon lit or by the sun bake-d,

If you skinny dip, then come slide and come slip
in the lake – we can make it a nude hiking trip,
we’ll all bronze as we build our buck naked friendship,
wet and dry, in and out, with no swimsuits to rip.

Jump in!
Jump in!

Skinspiration: Shel Silverstein’s beautifully clever “Invitation

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