Don and Doff

Don and Doff were leprechauns
who lived beyond the rainbow’s end.
Don scrubbed his shoes and cleaned his coat:
Saint Patrick’s Day was ’round the bend.

“Hey Doff! Get off your duff and wash
your clothes! Today is March the 12th!”
“So what?” said Doff. “I’m ready. Just…”
“Just what?,” asked Don, impatient elf.

“I’d rather not wear clothes,” said Doff.
“Say what?” said Don, who scratched his head.
“I can’t conceive of what you mean.
No clothes? I’d sooner off be dead!”

“My friend,” said Doff, “you’re misinformed.
It’s not of death I speak, but life.
Why ride the rainbow dressed for cold?
Dip skinny in the sunshine’s light.”

With that, Doff jumped up out of bed,
as naked as when he was born.
Don showed his friend a shamrock, like
a fig leaf. Asked his friend, “What for?”

“You’re mad!” cried Don. “I can’t believe
you’re sane. What would the children do?
What would their parents say, to see
a leprechaun cavorting nude?”

“I do not care, my friend,” said Doff.
“Do rabbits, lambs, or frogs wear clothes?”
“Well, no,” said Don. “They’re animals.
‘Clothes make the man,’ the saying goes.”

“Don, we’re not men. We’re leprechauns.
And even though we’re like mankind,
it isn’t clothes that make the man,
but rather how he spends his time.

Don’t live in fear. Our clothes are shields.
Lay down your arms and live in peace.
Go on, Don, doff your duds! You’ll feel
your worries wane and cares decrease.”

And so Don doffed his hat, at first,
and then his coat, his belt, and shoes,
then doffed on down to nudity.
“Good job, Don! There’s no time to lose!”

cried Doff, who led Don down the way
and past the brimming pot of gold
to climb the rainbow with his friends –
nude leprechauns both young and old.

If gold you wish, or luck, or both,
this Patty’s Day, then doff your kit!
No four-leaf clover lucky charm
can bring you cheer. Dis-cover it!

For a great story with much (very, very much) better renditions of nude elves, gnomes, and fairies: 
Enchanted” by Noodtoonist Stephen Crowley.

2 thoughts on “Don and Doff

  1. I simply have to say I love it – it is light and whimsical as it should be when it comes to leprechauns. 🙂


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