Invisible Scissors

If I had invisible scissors,
that made me invisible too,
I’d go on a clothes-cutting mission
to help everybody get nude!

I’d make my way down to the beach
to walk with the swimsuit-oppressed.
I’d stand just beyond an arm’s reach
and -SNIP!- liberate them from dress!

I’d cut suits off short folk and tall,
from fat, thin, tan, brown, black, and white.
The suits would be falling from all –
top, bottom, front, back, left and right.

By snipping strings, straps, snaps, and clasps,
I’d un-clothe breasts, penises, scrotums,
releasing sighs, oohs, aahs, and gasps.
(Why DO people think they must clothe ’em?)

The sun would access and caress
skin hitherto kept under wraps,
while melting away sweaty stress.
Who wants to wear those wet sand traps?

And no one complains. Who’d ‘a thought?
They’d laugh and they’d smile. They’re at ease.
They’d think, How many clothes have I bought?
And, It feels so good here in the breeze!

Then, leaving the beach for nude use,
I’d visit pools, parks, stores, and streets.
The passersby, I would cut loose,
by snipping their garb, head to feet!

Now cyclists and swimmers and cops,
dog-walkers, skateboarders, and runners
could jog, play, dive, race, stroll and shop
while marvelously unencumbered.

Huge piles of cut clothes: what to do?
We’d make patchwork quilts for the cold.
It’s easy to sew in the nude –
men, women, rich, poor, young and old!

Then… I’d lock the invisible scissors
in a box of invisible wood,
completing my clothes-cutting mission.
You know that I would if I could!


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