A Clothing Conundrum

Dear reader, I offer a clothing conundrum: When standing in front of the washing machine drum, how do you determine the ins and the outsides of textiles that seem to have too many cloth sides? I’ll help with the laundry. I’ll get the clothes gladly. I’ll wrangle with hangers and fold the clothes badly. But sometimesContinue reading “A Clothing Conundrum”

Invisible Scissors

If I had invisible scissors,that made me invisible too,I’d go on a clothes-cutting mission to help everybody get nude! I’d make my way down to the beachto walk with the swimsuit-oppressed.I’d stand just beyond an arm’s reachand -SNIP!- liberate them from dress! I’d cut suits off short folk and tall,from fat, thin, tan, brown, black,Continue reading “Invisible Scissors”

Raccoon and Possum

A limerick dialogue between a thick-coated textile and a bare-tailed nudist   An astonished coon asked of a possum, “Why on earth don’t you cover your bottom? When you traipse round the wood, you don’t dress as you should. Keep yourself covered up like you oughta!”   So the possum replied to the coon, “WouldContinue reading “Raccoon and Possum”

The Naked Knight

A Nugget of Nudist Nonsense There once was a knight who, to small stature born,went out in the world wearing all could be worn.He dressed endless layers of cotton and woolto fit ‘neath the armor he always wore full. How a man schall be armyd at his ese He sweat, and he stank, from suchContinue reading “The Naked Knight”