Naked Calaveras

The word calaveras has many meanings, especially this time of year in Mexico. One meaning is a kind of short satirical poem depicting the untimely demise of a well-known figure, poking fun – with a macabre humor – at that figure’s eccentricities or excesses. The poems can trace their roots back to medieval Europe, but they became very popular in late 19th-century Mexican newspapers and are still around today. They are linked to the calaveras drawings first made famous by José Guadalupe Posadas – here’s his iconic depiction of La Catrina (Death):


These calaveras below have to with clothing and nudity, because… well, of course they would on this blog, right? 

He sported patriotism to allure us,
but his suit was made in Honduras.
His shoes were from China,
not North Carolina,
and his tie was French silk of the purest.

The multitude, frenzied, attacked him.
They tore off his clothes and then sacked him.
Undressed on the ground,
he croaked with a frown,
“I’m naked! My lies – I retract them!”

“It’s too late,” the crowd yelled with a blast.
“Your lies are as bald as your ass!
We see right through you!”
Donald knew it was true.
Denuded, he gave his last gasp.

Every time her position changed,
her pantsuit strained.

Every time her stance switched,

her pantsuit itched.

Every time her shift appeased,

her pantsuit squeezed.

The final time her emails trended,

her pantsuit, unmended,

burst its seams, unpeeling,

and flung her up, nude, reeling

to crash through the glass ceiling.

Lacerated over all her skin

and falling back to earth again,

Hillary hit the ground

and broke her crown –

her clothes came tumbling after.

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