When the teacher would call roll in grade school, the correct way to respond was “Present!”

For a lot of kids, it didn’t make any sense. What did birthday gifts have to do with attending class? Only after we caught the connection to the word “presence” did the answer start making any sense: being present is the opposite of being absent.

But the link between “presence” and “present” suggests to me how we make of ourselves a gift –  a gift to the moment, of the moment, in the moment. If you are present, then you are living the moment. Another moment of life is a present to you, but you, also, are a present to life.

When you think of it like that, every day is a birthday or birth day. Yours, hers, his, mine, theirs, ours, everyone’s – a day to live life and all its moments to the fullest. What better way to give of yourself as a birthday present than in your birthday suit?

Open your own present: unwrap yourself.

 Unburden, unencumber, unveil, undress, unwrap yourself to the richness of life. Liberate yourself from stitches and strictures.

Then, your presence becomes manifold: you give the gift of human beauty and movement both to yourself (through your own freedom and full contact with the elements) as much as to everyone else (we all seek to recognize ourselves in others while marveling at the variety of humanity).

With your presence you give presents, and nude, you are wholly present.

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