Dare To Go Bare

I love listening to good music about social nudism! The clothesfree.com site has been featuring Ton Dou’s catchy naturist-inspired music, with some fun house-produced videos, and of course the theme music of Shane Gentry and the Nekkid Monday Band. Another great song about the topic is Dolly Parton’s “Sugar Hill”!

I’d like to feature one of my favorites, the song “Bare” by Britico Beats. It’s a great melody with a positive metaphorical message. I contacted the lyricist, Ben Ie, and have his permission to transcribe the lyrics below. Click here and enjoy the music!

No shame and no fear
Would you ever dare go bare?

Would you ever take a stand and dare to go bare?
Stepping out of the shadows of your shame and your fear,
Would you bravely bare all on the billboard of life?
Does the very thought make you want to run away and hide?
Would it turn you cold inside?

(Chorus) Be strong and go bare,
Be strong and go bare!
Keep the faith and you’ll be there!
Have no shame and no fear,
No shame and no fear.
Would you ever dare go bare?

You don’t have to take all your clothes off, so don’t get me wrong.
It’s another way to free yourself from ties so strong.
There’s a method to the madness, you can learn how it’s done.
Learning how to bare your soul can be so much fun,
And we’ve only just begun!

Stand and be strong,
Stand and be strong!
Keep the faith and you’ll be there!
That’s where you belong,
It’s where you belong.
Would you ever dare go bare?

Would you ever…


Would you ever take a stand and dare to go bare?

2 thoughts on “Dare To Go Bare

  1. I have yet to hear some naturist-related music that's on par with anything I actually listen to. Not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but I find this really cheesy in the lyrics and the melody is just soft rock and boring. Sorry to say I'm also not a fan of Ton Dou's music. I think we still need some talented artists to make some catchy, modern music about going nude!


  2. Well it's a great thing that different tastes makes up the world! I tend to support such creative endeavors as ways of raising awareness about social nudism, even though that message is more metaphorical / oblique in this particular instance. In the end, it's a better song than I could write!


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