Polite Nudists

Nudists are often the most *polite* people you’ll ever meet.


Because, when in textile company, they *politely* manage to restrain themselves from

  • ripping their clothes off
  • talking to you non-stop about the benefits of living clothes-free

Because, when at a textile beach or pool, they *politely* manage to refrain from

  • flinging away their bathing costumes as far as they can throw them
  • rather strenuously helping you out of yours, too

Because, all too generously, they *politely* tolerate

  • pop culture stereotypes about nudity being only sexual or comical
  • the use of airbrushed nudes and the word “naked” to sell just about anything
  • the general ignorance of textile folk about how social nudity drives body acceptance, self-awareness, and environmental responsibility

Being *polite* is important for respectful dialogue.

But it’s possible to be *too* polite!!!

2 thoughts on “Polite Nudists

  1. This is a great point, Will. Thanks for bringing this up… honestly. The most open-minded people are the ones who get forgotten.


  2. Hmmm… keeping an open mind, I'd say, almost always requires more courage than keeping a closed mind. I think we nudists just need to be more vocal, more active, about the benefits of breaking out of the \”clothed\” mind!


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