Happy 20th, Oaklake Trails!

Twenty years ago, a half-dozen brave naturists signed a collective agreement to purchase a large parcel of land in northeast Oklahoma, halfway between the state’s two largest cities (Oklahoma City and Tulsa). The forested land, including several small lakes and the highest point in Creek County, became Oaklake Trails Naturist Park. The pioneers who founded the park were true visionaries, and they followed through with all the necessary legal paperwork so that the park’s lots can remain the property of naturists. Today, the AANR– and TNS-affiliated park is one of the nation’s largest naturist venues in terms of acreage, and its membership has continued to grow impressively.

A happy couple at Oaklake Trails

OLT (Oaklake Trails Naturist Park) includes areas for tenting and RVs as well as several permanent homes. There is a multi-use two-story clubhouse, a large heated pool, a sand volleyball court, a pavilion that includes the Bare Buns Bistro, a gazebo for religious services, a storm shelter, an office with store, and ten miles of beautiful, well-maintained trails that wind through woods and clearings, around the lakes, uphill and down.

In the works is a lodge that will include several motel-type rooms, to build capacity from the four cabins already available for guests. Plans for the new lodge also call for a large gathering room with a double-ended rock fire place, flat-screen TVs, and several surrounding smaller meeting-type rooms. The rustic golf course will soon be expanded, and future possibilities include a disc golf course and, most impressively, the construction of an additional group of uniformly-styled permanent homes.

The folks at Oaklake Trails host a yearly 5K run, monthly dances and dinners, and several other kinds of events, including the first annual Fall Arts Festival coming up in September. The park is a frequent venue for the AANR-SW convention (including this year), and also hosted the national AANR convention in 2009. The park leaders maintain friendly relationships with their neighbors, and the park was named business of the month by the Stroud, Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce in 2011.

Even though matters of distance and income have made it difficult for me to become an actual OLT member, I’ve been a beneficiary of the park (as anyone can be) for a good decade now, having participated in 5Ks and visited friends there. This year I’m helping plan the Fall Arts Festival. I’m proud that OLT exists for the benefit of all who can visit, and not only that, but that the park is so well maintained and managed. This takes a lot of time, funds, and dedication. The result of all the hard work is that OLT is a haven of natural beauty and hearty friendship where you can do so many things without the hindrance of clothing, exactly as its founders intended.

Best naturally, Oaklake Trails

2 thoughts on “Happy 20th, Oaklake Trails!

  1. Love to see a nudist success story! These folks had a dream and put the effort into it to make it a reality, that's the way to do it!


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