Nudity is a Human Right

WHEREAS human beings manifest bodies that occupy physical volume in space as a necessity of existence;

WHEREAS human beings are born naked into these bodies and thus begin, naked, the basic acts of life through the intake of breath and breast;

WHEREAS nudity is thus the essential and most natural state in which human beings manifest their bodies;

WHEREAS the freedom to move the physical volume of the body through the elements without encumbrance is a natural and healthful practice for body, mind, and spirit;

WHEREAS human beings have devised intricate processes for crafting and distributing cloth and clothing, for use in protecting or adorning the surface of the body’s physical volume;

WHEREAS human beings have also devised layers of social significance that accompany the range of bodily clothing displays, from nudity through the most elaborately crafted costumes;

WHEREAS these layers of social significance are constructed arbitrarily according to custom, context, and cultural expression; and enforced arbitrarily by political or ecclesiastical contrivance;

WHEREAS the recognition of the right to practice diverse cultural expressions, such as freedom of religion or political party and freedom to form a family, is inherent in the protection of human rights;

BE IT HEREBY DECLARED that FREEDOM OF DRESS, or the right to wear as much or as little clothing upon one’s body as one desires, including the right to manifest one’s body in its natural state, is a human right, to be fully protected by all governments for the betterment of humankind.

Body Freedom Activists George Davis and Gypsy Taub

9 thoughts on “Nudity is a Human Right

  1. ¡Adelante! The idea is for this text to serve as a template. Would you please provide a link to your version?I want to acknowledge blog readers Allen H., Brian C., and Marie R. for their correspondence in helping me think about this topic.


  2. Hello Will,I'm just back from an extended week-end at my resort and I found your latest blog-post. I took the liberty of translating it and posting it on the blog of the Federation of Quebec Naturists


  3. Is it coincidence, that I was pointed to this very text via Twitter, just as I experienced double standards when dealing with nudity (on Facebook, the prude social network)? I don't think so.Thanks for formulating this declaration of our rigt to just be natural (for that's what being nude means, after all).Oh, and just in case you wish to read about my aforementioned FB experience, be my guest: nude and natural days,~*Ganesha*~


  4. I'm glad you found it! I think the viewpoint in the text above could be used to confront Facebook policy. It could also be used by those who want the right to wear the hijab. The whole point is to have the full range of options available. Some exceptions would need to be made, but this should be the default.


  5. Hi there, Will. I have just been pointed in the direction of this page, and wish to congratulate you. You share the same ideals as I do, and I’ve taken the liberty of placing this text (with due credit to you, of course) as a footnote to a piece I wrote recently called “The Tyranny of Clothes”,, with a link back to this page. I’ve also added the URL to your blog to our Naturist World index page: Again, many thanks for sharing your thoughts on your most interesting blog site! Cheers! Andrew Cook


    1. Thank you, Andrew! I read your post on “The Tyranny of Clothes” and appreciate very much your abundance of specific examples and lucidity of argument. Thanks for appending this text and providing a link back!


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