Public Health Advocacy for Nudity

Nudity is a public health issue, but not for the reasons many people might assume. It is not because of the need to shield bus seats from bare buttocks, or to protect diners at restaurants from pubes in their salads.


Nudity is a public health issue because nudity is the beneficial, natural state of our bodies. The advantages of outdoor skin exposure to the elements are recognized physically and psychologically, yet nudity is most often banished to bathrooms, bedrooms, and other enclosed spaces.

From “Bodies of Water” by Naked Club
Who is responsible for this banishment? It is a relatively recent–in terms of human history–collusion of government, religion, and media that tries ceaselessly, and largely succeeds, to convince people that our bodies are shameful and/or sinful and/or in need of constant grooming and shaping and other embellishments including clothes. 
Change won’t come from the churches (even though the intrepid iconoclast Pope Francis has publicly supported breastfeeding in public, which is a big step in the right direction). And the media? They’re all over the map, but “mainstream” media change very slowly. Aside from the always important actions of individual citizens, it is the government that can best act by harnessing the power of the media to promote healthy nudity and nude health. The fact is that just as a government wants its citizens to be aware of the signs of an oncoming stroke, or to learn how to live with diabetes, or to follow a good diet and exercise regimen, that same government should invest in educating its citizens about the benefits of nudity and naturism.

It is true that instead of cash-strapped governments, better endowed entities such as private organizations or companies can finance advertisements or public relations campaigns promoting the benefits of nudity. This is welcome and maybe even profitable for certain of these entities. But only governments have the power to designate vast swaths of public land for nude recreation. This is why it’s important to assist TNS and AANR in working with city, county, state, and federal governments toward that end.

Another proactive stance is to sign the current We The People petition to designate clothing-optional areas of federal lands initiated by Larry Darter of Dallas Nudist Culture Examiner. I’d rather such lands be designated for nude use only, as opposed to clothing optional, but that’s a quibble I didn’t let stand in the way of signing the petition.

Designating more areas for being nude outdoors, on public lands as well as on private property, will help bring more of the population to the “uncovery” that outdoor social nudity not only feels great but is great for you. We should all advocate that a happier, healthier, more nude-friendly population makes for a less stressful, less fearful, more open-minded society.

4 thoughts on “Public Health Advocacy for Nudity

  1. I've signed the petition.As for health, I believe that going nude's greatest benefits are psychological. It cured my bashful kidney. I'm betting that there are strictly physiological benefits — vitamin D manufactured by our own skins! — but as somebody who has had melanoma surgery, I have to say that's a mixed bag. Use sunscreen, stay out of the midday sun, and avoid burns.


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