Why Get Mad About Naturism?

Don’t get mad, get naked. On NPR.

Lately there have been some elevated agitations regarding online petitions and organizational leadership in the naturism community. Let’s recognize that there are motives for concern. For example, it may well be that the idea of naturism, at least in the US, would be better served by a more unified front than the current splintered array. But still, the US is a large, very diverse nation, and we need all the help we can get to move forward with naturism, social nudity, body acceptance, and general tolerance for nudity.  
But let’s not get mad about it, let’s just work together and get things done. 
photo credit clothesfree.com

I think the only people who should be angry about naturism are those people who find out about it, try it, love it, and then are mad they didn’t know about it or try it sooner. If that has happened to you, then turn any anger, or regret for lost opportunities, into action. Help spread the word about naturism in a casual, maybe even dispassionate, way. Help get the word to, say, NPR, which might be the only media outlet that could actually do some serious investigative journalism for a large public, without making silly jokes. Just as importantly, NPR is a mostly radio/print media outlet, so there would be no need for pixelization or black bars. Imagine, as warmer weather finally banishes the polar vortex, a week of daily feature interviews with naturist leaders speaking knowledgeably, and being taken seriously, on NPR. These would be naturist leaders from a variety of respected organizations talking about mental, physical and emotional health benefits, about tourism and sustainability, about body acceptance. 

Maybe I’m dreaming. But why should France or Spain be the only countries that seem to be able to promote naturism matter-of-factly with any success? Let’s not get mad, let’s be mature and positive and matter-of-fact. And successful.  

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