The Natural State

If you’re one to bare
your skin to the air
just about anywhere,
then you better beware
in The Natural State!
The “shirt off your back”
is what you’ll lose fast
if you dare to unclasp
your bra or your pants
in The Natural State:
a sentence, a fee –
a price way too steep
for going clothesfree,
living naturally,
in The Natural State.
“Unlawful for any” – 
one person or many – 
to “promote nudism.”
Why such tyranny
in The Natural State?
No strip clubs by schools?
That’s fine and that’s cool.
But nudity in pools
isn’t such a bad rule
for “The Natural State.”  
Where there’s nude censorship
it’s a crime to skinny-dip,
a risk if a nipple slips,
since the laws are too strict
in The Natural State.
You can’t even try
 running naked outside –
to feel the wind in your stride,
and get some sun on your hide –
in The Natural State.
Look, it’s highly ironic
and frankly moronic
to cover up bodies
from the sun, wind or water
in “The Natural State.”
So there’s no way around it,
and Arkansans don’t doubt it.
The rest of us should shout it:
Your clothes? Go without ’em
Nude-positive commentary against Arkansas’s restrictive laws:

3 thoughts on “The Natural State

  1. Sad and ironic.Thank God Texas isn't that backward,although still very conservative with a few exceptions.Interesting that places where naturism would be ideal are the places most resistant to it.


  2. Right. I mean, arguably, just about anywhere is ideal for naturism, with maybe a few caveats for climate or degree of urban sprawl. Many Arkansan naturists head to Oklahoma or Missouri or elsewhere, since they have no legal parks or resorts.


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