Upcoming Review on Clothesfree Riviera Maya

My two partners and I recently traveled along the Riviera Maya, staying in and visiting clothing-optional locales. I wrote a review that I was going to publish here, but I decided to see if N, quarterly magazine of The Naturist Society, would be interested in publishing it… and they are! Hopefully it will appear in the next issue, due out in August.

In the meanwhile, I’m posting here links to the places we stayed or visited, and a couple photos not submitted to the magazine. Photo above: At the clothing-optional beach called El Ultimo Maya.

A walkway at Azulik
Rooftop pool at Intima suite
Palapa on Hidden Beach
Mahekal (not clothing-optional)
A hazy morning at Mahekal
It was a terrific trip! I hope you can access the upcoming review in N if you would like more details.

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