Updates! Naturist Fiction and Naturism in Mexico

I haven’t posted here in a while, and in part this is because I’ve been helping launch a new site, naturistfiction.org. With my fellow naturist writers (and bloggers) Paul Walker and Robert Longpré, we’ve set up the site to showcase our books and naturist fiction in general, and also to provide original content. As of today, Robert has posted on The Compulsion and Passion for Laying it All Bare in Words, Paul has posted on Naked People in Fiction, and yours truly has posted on Why Naturist Fiction Matters. Great posts – check them out!

Also, I want to make sure everyone knows about the ongoing fundraising campaign for NNG that I mentioned in my last post. As of today, they’re at 15% of their goal. They have an anonymous donor who is matching funds up to a total of $2000 – a hefty boost! Make a contribution and have it matched! NNG is a terrific group of tech-savvy young naturists making strides toward the future of naturism, and not just in Mexico. Contributions go toward helping fund a headquarters for the kind of urban naturism programming they’ve already been running successfully for over a year now.

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