Interview with Naturist Queen

The Internet can be beneficial for helping naturists build community. I happened to meet Naturist Queen online and, in the interest of building a greater representation of naturist women on my site, I took her up on her suggestion of posting an interview with her. All photos are hers and used with her permission and approval.

(1) I only know you as Naturist Queen. What’s your name?

My name is Michelle Campbell.

(2) You’ve worked as a model. What’s it like working for the clothing industry when you’re a nudist? Did you already consider yourself a nudist when you were modeling, or was there something about modeling that led you to naturism?

I have been modeling for the last 25 years. Today is October 7, 2020 – the exact one-year anniversary of my retirement. When I started modeling, I was doing swimwear and lingerie. Later I entered nude modeling. It was nude modeling that propelled me to follow a nudist lifestyle. I have been into swimwear, lingerie, nude and sex art. So it’s been 27 years now that I have been following the nudist lifestyle.

(3) A lot of naturists feel that social nudism is great for body acceptance. Do you agree? Is there a message about body acceptance you’d like to give to people, maybe especially to women?

There’s a lot of truth to it. When I started nudism, unlike many women, I had this low confidence of going nude in front of many people, despite doing modeling. It’s all about body positivity. There’s a saying, that if you have stagefright or are shy, or nervous to speak in front of a lot of people, they say: Imagine the people looking at you are naked, and you’re laughing at them. It’s supposed to help you to not be nervous. In the same way, if you’re going into social nudism, you’re surrounded by many nude bodies. So just think how these people might have entered into social nudism and do the same. Now, for people who think that social nudism is not required, I agree with them as well. It’s just the opinions of the people. In the end, everyone should accept their bodies and be comfortable in them. That’s important. Women: Just be confident in yourself. I don’t think I can emphasize any further.

(4) As an American expat living in Europe, what cultural differences do you see that have to do with body acceptance, nudity and sex?

There’s a hell of a lot of difference. Where I live in Amsterdam, people make love openly in their backyards. Sex, nudism, and body acceptance are very open here. I mean, no one cares about each other’s body.

At Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Land Trust, in Colorado

(5) What’s it like to run a shelter for rescue animals?

It has always been my dream to run a shelter for rescue animals – kind of a pet project [literally]. I have loved animals from the beginning and I am a vegan for that reason.

Thanks for the interview, Michelle!

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