Naturism and the Compulsion to Write

I’m grateful to have been interviewed a couple times this year by naturist activist Héctor Martínez on naturism and writing. Click on the photo below for a three-minute clip from our dialogue earlier this month on how naturism, and also Latin America, have been inspirational for my writing. Thanks, Héctor! Thanks also to Björ, another outstanding naturist activist, for his participation in the interview. For the full video, please support Héctor on his Patreon page.

For an interview with Héctor from January of this year, available for anyone to view on YouTube, click on the photo below. We cover similar topics in both interviews, but the one below is a little longer and more focused on naturism as a social movement.

Héctor is an outstanding example of naturist activism not only in Mexico, but around the world, and I’m honored to have some of our conversations recorded and available.

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