Feeling mammalian lately? Basic zoology texts tell us that we mammals are warm-blooded vertebrates that possess hair, mammary glands, three middle-ear bones, and a characteristically developed neocortex. Humans, like many mammal species, have sweat glands, specialized teeth, placental births, and dual-fluid penises (yep, you read that right). Page from an early 1970s children’s book on animalsContinue reading “Mammals”

12 Nude Year Resolutions

Nudity can be light-hearted, but there are times when it’s no joke. When people, whether individuals or groups, risk arrest or worse simply for posting nude photographs of themselves in those parts of the world still clutching very restrictive ideas about nudity (and sometimes those parts of the world are closer to home than oneContinue reading “12 Nude Year Resolutions”

On Reserve

Unwrapping the Sensory Mechanics of Nudity There are certain body parts that the twin social strictures of religion and politics most want to cover—or, more accurately, to bind. These parts are put on reserve, so to speak: under wraps. According to the rules of repression, they can’t be checked out, or unwrapped, except by special,Continue reading “On Reserve”