12 Nude Year Resolutions

Nudity can be light-hearted, but there are times when it’s no joke. When people, whether individuals or groups, risk arrest or worse simply for posting nude photographs of themselves in those parts of the world still clutching very restrictive ideas about nudity (and sometimes those parts of the world are closer to home than one might care to imagine), the least one can do as a stakeholder in the idea of social nudism is be active and lend a voice. Every positive message and context for social nudity helps fight not only unwarranted censorship, but also that government-, church-, or media-imposed association of nudity with pornography that triggers the censorship in the first place. Here, a humble list of 12 ideas for action in 2012 (add your own, too!):

12. SPEAK more often to more friends and family about the benefits of naturism.
11. WRITE letters of support to naturist parks or organizations, or to newspapers or congressional representatives.
10. READ more about the history and philosophy of naturism.
9. LEARN more from other naturists about their decisions and their experiences.
8. STRETCH my body – my only home – into more nude asanas to keep it fit.
7. WALK nude when possible – is anything more basic?
6. DANCE to reclaim the image of not just the static nude but also the nude in motion.
5. SWIM naked as much as possible and whenever somebody else might become convinced of how random and restrictive swimsuits are.
4. SMILE for the nude photo, film, sketch, or painting.
3. LOVE the nudist or potential nudist in everybody.
2. HUG to celebrate the shared miracle of inhabiting a body.
–and, simply–
1. BE naked!

Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy nude year of action and defense!

Inspired by Skyclad Therapist’s excellent retrospective on his posts this year, I’m adding my own stats here for the six months I’ve been blogging. Most popular posts so far:

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along with the pages
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Many thanks for your visits! More soon…

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