Body Riddles!

Hey Nude Scribe readers!
This week only – your chance to win!

Each weekday December 19-23 I’ll post and tweet a riddle about the body. First correct response enters a five-way drawing for a free copy of Co-ed Naked Philosophy!

Monday’s riddle was:

An unlikely trio: bottom, back, eye.
To which body part do these parts apply?

And I received the correct answer–teeth (bottom teeth, back teeth, eye teeth)–in an email from someone who wishes to remain anonymous and who donates the draw to AANR!

Tuesday’s riddle was:

Horse takes Cow for a trot.
Horse is named, Cow is not.
Horse gallops off, Cow rests a lot.
What happened?

Correct answer was sent by Cor in the comments section: a Charlie Horse in the calf. Congratulations!

Wednesday’s riddle was:
Two growing adiposities
said one unto the other,
“Move over!” “You, you’re squeezing me!
Are you racing me to mother?”

And Cor has won again, in an email, with the correct answer: breasts. He now has a 2-in-5 chance of winning! Who will challenge him?

Thursday’s riddle was:

It takes a special kind of lid
to sport so many lashes.
But lash-less lids there are as well,

that guard our memory caches.

There were several correct guesses this time, but the first in was from All_Nudist! All guesses were skull although I was going for scalp – ah, the vagaries of riddle writing. But it made me think how “scalp” is etymologically related to “skull.” Maybe “scalp” is a shortened form of “skullcap”?

Finally, Friday’s riddle was:
Round, but in or out it grows,
the birthmark that everybody owns.

And Cor won the first guess yet again: belly button (navel).

Human body

So the five draws were: AANR, Cor, Cor, All_Nudist, and Cor. And the winning draw was Cor! Not surprising, with a 3-in-5 chance! Cor wins a free copy of Co-ed Naked Philosophy. Congratulations! And thanks to all who participated!

Best wishes for a blessed and peaceful holiday from
Will Forest, a Nude Scribe

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