Nude Scribe Crossword 2011

It’s been a great run so far here on Nude Scribe – thanks to all viewers and commenters! Since the year is drawing to a close, I decided to make a crossword puzzle with clues from the posts on this site so far (July through December 2011). All clues are culled from the posts on Nude Scribe or from names of sites or bloggers listed here on my home page.

It would be great if Blogger supported some kind of online interactivity for this, but the way to do the puzzle is to print it out from this page. Enjoy!

Nude Scribe Crossword 2011

This crossword was created by Will Forest with EclipseCrossword –

1 2 3
5 6 7
8 9
11 12 13
14 15
16 17 18
19 20
25 26 27


  1. male protagonist in Will’s novel
  2. multimedia artist who made the cover for Will’s novel
  3. female protagonist in Will’s novel
  4. actor to portray Adam
  5. nude yoga positions
  6. actress to portray Eve
  7. Will’s novel about taking off clothes to take on social conventions
  8. All-______, organizer of the great penis debate on Google+
  9. Rio de Janeiro’s nude beach
  10. wild girl of the mountains between France and Spain
  11. naked rambler of the 19th-century Andes
  12. nood toon site featuring “Tales to Scare Your Pants Off”
  13. 1965 naturist documentary


  1. reviewer of Will’s novel, author of A Part of My Soul
  2. therapist: nude, masculine, and whole
  3. Brazilian actress and naturist pioneer
  4. South American king, bodypainter and skinnydipper
  5. the Naked Knight
  6. iNAKED’s founder
  7. one who supports the rights of breastfeeding mothers
  8. performance theorist who explored nudity on stage
  9. anatomy in aphorisms; twitter-sized exvotos
  10. Milton’s epic poem about Adam & Eve
  11. lyricist and composer, Anything Goes!
  12. one who opposes the practice of circumcision
  13. AANR-coined term for a clothesfree sojourn
  14. prolific blogger and tweeter of nudes news and photos
  15. Naked _________ Cooking
  16. naturist group in Amazonas, Brazil
  17. author of The Jungle Book

This crossword puzzle was created by Will Forest with EclipseCrossword.
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