Raccoon and Possum

A limerick dialogue between a thick-coated textile and a bare-tailed nudist   An astonished coon asked of a possum, “Why on earth don’t you cover your bottom? When you traipse round the wood, you don’t dress as you should. Keep yourself covered up like you oughta!”   So the possum replied to the coon, “WouldContinue reading “Raccoon and Possum”

Naked Rambler of the 19th-C. Andes

He assumed several names.He rambled over many nations, nude whenever possible.He set up schools wherever he went.And he was the tutor of Simón Bolívar, the famous South American Libertador. Portrait of Simón Rodríguez, Gabriel D´Empaire Simón Carreño was born and orphaned in Spanish colonial Caracas, Venezuela in 1769. In his teens he changed his surnameContinue reading “Naked Rambler of the 19th-C. Andes”

Adam & Eve to be Nude Anew?

In development for release in late 2013 is a new “action film” version of John Milton’s classic epic poem Paradise Lost (published 1667). The director is Alex Proyas, the producers include Vincent Newman, and the production will film in Australia under the aegis of Legendary Pictures. Paradise Lost tells the story of Adam, Eve, andContinue reading “Adam & Eve to be Nude Anew?”

Wild Child of the Forest

“How naked, and–how bold!” These are Mother Wolf’s words to describe the man-cub discovered in the jungle, who has come to drink her milk with the other cubs. The wolves are astounded by the child’s lack of fur, so Mother Wolf names him for his smooth skin: Mowgli, meaning “frog” in Hindi. That man-cub is,Continue reading “Wild Child of the Forest”

The Naked Knight

A Nugget of Nudist Nonsense There once was a knight who, to small stature born,went out in the world wearing all could be worn.He dressed endless layers of cotton and woolto fit ‘neath the armor he always wore full. How a man schall be armyd at his ese He sweat, and he stank, from suchContinue reading “The Naked Knight”

Legendary Naturist King

Adam and Eve. Lady Godiva. The Emperor and his “new” clothes. Venus. David. Archimedes. St. Francis. Among the rich contributions that myth, history, folklore and art have made to nudist and naturist imagery, a much too forgotten figure is El Dorado. This is especially surprising given that El Dorado’s story features not one but twoContinue reading “Legendary Naturist King”