The Quick and the Nude

a sonnet A message from beyond the grave I give,  a lesson learned by one who dwelt in fear: Your body is your home. You cannot live but through it, in it. Breath and blood hold dear! You have but one life, friends: know this is true.  So chest, and arms, and legs do not constrain.Continue reading “The Quick and the Nude”

Epitaph for an Undershirt

Here is hung an old undershirt.  I knew it well, or it knew me well.  It was not a bulletproof vest nor a shirt of chainmail,  yet in its way it was designed to protect me; it swaddled my heart, it absorbed my sweat.  Here is folded  a tattered undershirt.  I come not to praiseContinue reading “Epitaph for an Undershirt”

Fishing for Nude Insights

Fellow naturist blogger Robert Longpré has produced a volume called Naked Poetry by the Sea and on the Prairies. The polished, succinct poems of his collection guide us to the naked core of truths both spiritual and physical. These are terrific poems! I had the honor of contributing a brief preface to the volume, whichContinue reading “Fishing for Nude Insights”

The Tailor

(in which a man “of the cloth” experiences a seam-splitting epiphany)   The tailor plied his trade for years – a craft he chose o’er all careers – and kept his shop on Fashion Street where loyal clients he would meet.  He stocked his buttons, threads, and lace and reams of cloth o’erflowed the place:Continue reading “The Tailor”

Don and Doff

Don and Doff were leprechauns who lived beyond the rainbow’s end. Don scrubbed his shoes and cleaned his coat: Saint Patrick’s Day was ’round the bend. “Hey Doff! Get off your duff and wash your clothes! Today is March the 12th!” “So what?” said Doff. “I’m ready. Just…” “Just what?,” asked Don, impatient elf. “I’dContinue reading “Don and Doff”

The Empire’s New Clothes

Of 2012’s Events reviewed, a rhyming Tale of Royals Nude. There lies an Isle across the Sea that hosts a Royal Family: a Queen, her Son, two Princes – Heirs and Scions of Celebrity. The Family’s known in World Affairs, their Lives attracting many Cares since Princes’ Mum died fleeing Fame: a Fairy Tale that’sContinue reading “The Empire’s New Clothes”

Frostbite, the Snow Nude

♪ Frostbite, the Snow Nude, ♪is a jolly, happy soul,with a goofy smile and a runny noseand his nipples hard as coal! Frostbite, the Snow Nude, is a crazy guy, they say.When he runs through snow everybody knows he’ll be red and sore for days. There must have been some magic in that old bathContinue reading “Frostbite, the Snow Nude”

Fall Arts Festival

st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } [press release for immediate distribution, from Oaklake Trails Naturist Park] Contact: Tel: 918-324-5999 Dateline: Depew, OK Ever wonder what it would be like to experience the arts au naturel? Now is your chance! Oaklake Trails Naturist Park, located midway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, is hosting the First Annual Fall Arts Festival, Saturday,Continue reading “Fall Arts Festival”

A Clothing Conundrum

Dear reader, I offer a clothing conundrum: When standing in front of the washing machine drum, how do you determine the ins and the outsides of textiles that seem to have too many cloth sides? I’ll help with the laundry. I’ll get the clothes gladly. I’ll wrangle with hangers and fold the clothes badly. But sometimesContinue reading “A Clothing Conundrum”