Disrobing Suspense: Cor van de Sande

Do you like a good whodunnit, murder mystery, or spy thriller? There is a huge market for books and films like these, and obviously many people love them. But if you’re a writer who’s not littering your text with corpses or carefully planned clues and red herrings, how do you engage suspense–the tension that makesContinue reading “Disrobing Suspense: Cor van de Sande”

Know What Censorship Is

Censorship is ignorance. How to fight it? Read more about naturism, including Co-ed Naked Philosophy! The excerpt below is based on an actual incident a few years ago in Florida, involving a complaint about a lawn-statue replica of Michelangelo’s David:     Censorship resulting from a “concerned citizen”? To their credit, the Channel 5 news teamContinue reading “Know What Censorship Is”

Naked Rambler of the 19th-C. Andes

He assumed several names.He rambled over many nations, nude whenever possible.He set up schools wherever he went.And he was the tutor of Simón Bolívar, the famous South American Libertador. Portrait of Simón Rodríguez, Gabriel D´Empaire Simón Carreño was born and orphaned in Spanish colonial Caracas, Venezuela in 1769. In his teens he changed his surnameContinue reading “Naked Rambler of the 19th-C. Andes”

Naked Santa Cyclist

Happy December! It was around this time some years ago that an interesting cyclist began circulating the city streets where I live. He was such an attention-grabbing character that he rode off the streets and right into my novel, Co-ed Naked Philosophy. Here’s part of a passage from the novel featuring the Naked Santa Cyclist:Continue reading “Naked Santa Cyclist”

Not Your Typical Philosophy 101 Text!

Just in time for holiday gift ordering! Co-ed Naked Philosophy, print edition (paperback), is now available through Amazon! Co-ed Naked Philosophy is the story of students and professors taking off their clothes to take on social conventions! A couple of clothesfree courses ignite a body-attitude revolution that changes the campus, the community, and the media.Continue reading “Not Your Typical Philosophy 101 Text!”

From Forest to Garden

Tenho saudades dos escritos de Ed Garden. Ed Garden was (maybe still is?) a young naturist based in Brazil who set up a terrific naturist blog called Nus Pela Terra (Nudes Around the / For the World) at nuspelaterra.com.br. He compiled a terrific variety of posts on everything from public nudity to the philosophy ofContinue reading “From Forest to Garden”

Naked Social Euphoria

 A brief review of Co-ed Naked Philosophy from Martin Brant: Author Will Forest has a unique appreciation for the human body. I call it unique when it should be considered normal, but somehow our society has gotten onto a path of misguided morality that somehow judges the human body as shameful. Hence Co-ed Naked Philosophy,Continue reading “Naked Social Euphoria”