Work in Progress

My second novel is in development! It’s an adventure story involving the search for lost testimonies from the 16th century. When an earthquake damages the oldest public library in the Americas, an anthropologist and an art collector start a quest that leads them to a major scientific discovery on the relationship of the human bodyContinue reading “Work in Progress”

Epitaph for an Undershirt

Here is hung an old undershirt.  I knew it well, or it knew me well.  It was not a bulletproof vest nor a shirt of chainmail,  yet in its way it was designed to protect me; it swaddled my heart, it absorbed my sweat.  Here is folded  a tattered undershirt.  I come not to praiseContinue reading “Epitaph for an Undershirt”

Fishing for Nude Insights

Fellow naturist blogger Robert Longpré has produced a volume called Naked Poetry by the Sea and on the Prairies. The polished, succinct poems of his collection guide us to the naked core of truths both spiritual and physical. These are terrific poems! I had the honor of contributing a brief preface to the volume, whichContinue reading “Fishing for Nude Insights”

Beautiful Nude Remedies

She is one of the most memorable characters from one of the most beloved books in the world, and it’s time to recognize her for what she is: a nudist. I’m referring to Remedios la Bella from Colombian Nobel Laureate Gabriel García Márquez’s Cien años de soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude).  “El realismo virtualContinue reading “Beautiful Nude Remedies”

Exposed to Learning

Those of us who are educators as well as naturists / social nudists often ask ourselves how to bridge the two: What are good ideas for structuring a naturist education? What would be the practical constraints of establishing a school where people could be nude? Nude Classroom I While it’s possible to learn about socialism,Continue reading “Exposed to Learning”

The Birds and the Bees

Birds and bees, flowers and trees: about as natural as you can get. I find it very interesting that “the birds and the bees” works as a euphemism for explaining sex, because it hides the idea of copulation even as it broadcasts that sex, too, is perfectly natural, and that all you have to doContinue reading “The Birds and the Bees”

On Act Naturally

“Costume Designer: Madre Naturaleza.” This quick joke, hidden in plain sight among the opening credits of Act Naturally, is just one of the many little jewels in this NDST-friendly film’s treasure chest. Screenwriter and director JP Riley has crafted an all-around terrific film that works so well on so many different levels: it’s a primerContinue reading “On Act Naturally”

Nude Immersions

I’ve recently read a couple of books related to naturism and nudity, and specifically to the idea of immersion: in water, in nature, in social nudism. Janet Lembke’s Skinny Dipping (University of Virginia Press, 1994) is a collection of essays revolving around the theme of nature and human nature, or as the subtitle says, “andContinue reading “Nude Immersions”

Disrobing Suspense: Conclusions

This last post presents some concluding remarks culled from follow-up exchanges with the writers I’ve profiled here, followed by an example of my own work. Again, many thanks to fellow writers Stephen Crowley, Tom Pine, and Cor van de Sande, whose imaginative works and friendly correspondence are sources of inspiration to me. Special thanks toContinue reading “Disrobing Suspense: Conclusions”

Disrobing Suspense: Tom Pine

The third profile on the “Disrobing Suspense” series is Tom Pine, who has written numerous, very inventive naturist stories available on his site The Naked Truth Naturists. He has published novels, some of which are also naturist in content: The Neighbors, Father Al Takes a Vacation, and Father Al Has a Birthday Party. He hasContinue reading “Disrobing Suspense: Tom Pine”