Chapter 8 of The Nude Adventures of Doff de Chonez

Chapter VIII IN WHICH ARE RELATED THE AMUSING PARTICULARS OF AN ASTONISHING ENCOUNTER ALONG THE CALIFORNIA COAST As the denudery van continued along the highway, Sammy held one finger against his lips, imploring Doff de Chonez to remain silent. But whether it was from all the excitement, or from the lack of food, or someContinue reading “Chapter 8 of The Nude Adventures of Doff de Chonez”

Naturist Art Double Standard

Let’s say I‘m an amateur painter. I paint a nude, show it in a gallery, and attempt to sell it. Naturists, in general, will support me. Let’s say I’m a fairly accomplished sculptor. I sculpt a nude, show it in a gallery, and attempt to sell it. Naturists, in general, will support me.  It’s the sameContinue reading “Naturist Art Double Standard”

Brazilian Naturist Pioneer Luz del Fuego

A reflection for today by my friend Jorge Bandeira, fellow naturist and artist, and co-founder and current president of the ten-year old naturist group GRAUNA based in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. My translation: On the 96th Anniversary of the Birth of Luz del Fuego  [Luz del Fuego, or “Firelight,” was the stage name of Dora Vivacqua,Continue reading “Brazilian Naturist Pioneer Luz del Fuego”

Primal Magic

The “soundtrack” of naturism is the sound of nature: birds, water, the breeze in the branches, etc. But at a naturist park or nude beach, you’ll hear every kind of soundtrack from folk to rock to hiphop to country to… whatever. One of my favorite albums for naturist inspiration is Primal Magic by Strunz &Continue reading “Primal Magic”

The Way to Walk in the World

In the middle of the jungle lies a pristine lake disputed by nations, narcos, and one massive energy project. An industrialist above the law steals ancient testimonies long hidden by kings and popes. An inexperienced translator, hired to fail, uncovers truths so unsettling they redefine the rights of properties and persons. Oh yeah: And hundredsContinue reading “The Way to Walk in the World”

That Appealing Banana Dance

It was a rainy Spring Break this past week, which ended up meaning extended TV time here and there for the kiddos. We all got to see and hear the commercial below MANY times: Gotta deconstruct this a little: We don’t know if Banana Kid is dancing in front of a mirror, a window, orContinue reading “That Appealing Banana Dance”

Naturism in Brazil

I’ve had the opportunity to meet several naturist leaders in Brazil and visit a couple of naturist sites there. In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve learned about Brazilian naturism: Besides the US and Canada, Brazil is the only other country in the Americas that has a national naturist federation. Its sites and groups range fromContinue reading “Naturism in Brazil”