Henna – Our Bodies, Our Impermanence

This post is an attempt to write about some of the most important people in my life, and about some of the main events that have happened in my life since I last posted. To no one’s surprise, these important people are often naturists, and these main events are often nude or clothing-optional! A lotContinue reading “Henna – Our Bodies, Our Impermanence”

Goodreads Giveaway!

I’m happy to announce your chance to win a free copy of Aglow!  I’ll send ten copies to ten people randomly selected by Goodreads – just click below!  You can register from now through September 30. Due to postal costs, the offer is valid for addresses in the United States and Canada only. Click belowContinue reading “Goodreads Giveaway!”

Naturist Memes and Photo Captions

Savvy naturists on social media have been making naturist memes and captioned photos for some time now. There’s much that’s already been said about the way contemporary social media affect our attention span, bringing fully to life the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. I agree with the sentiment of BareContinue reading “Naturist Memes and Photo Captions”

Naturist Art Double Standard

Let’s say I‘m an amateur painter. I paint a nude, show it in a gallery, and attempt to sell it. Naturists, in general, will support me. Let’s say I’m a fairly accomplished sculptor. I sculpt a nude, show it in a gallery, and attempt to sell it. Naturists, in general, will support me.  It’s the sameContinue reading “Naturist Art Double Standard”

No Pockets

Ever since our hominid ancestors started walking upright, we’ve had the need to move things around with us from one place to another. The grip of our opposable thumbs was a huge benefit for carrying things, yet it was often necessary to use our hands to throw rocks or pick berries, while still holding somethingContinue reading “No Pockets”

No Real Nudity

Want to practice your life drawing skills? Here’s what the ad says: “Bare Talent. Come hone yours at the Museum, Thursday January 3 at the Life Drawing Studio.” Sounds fine, perfectly normal. Life drawing means rendering sketches of nude models, after all, hence the catchy phrase “Bare Talent.” But here’s the kicker. The ad, fromContinue reading “No Real Nudity”

Naturist Support in Children’s Media

If you’re a naturist parent or educator, you’re probably as sick as I am of skinny-dip slasher flicks or penis-for-laughs “bromance” films and their reinforcement of the “either-sin-or-comedy” definition of nudity. Awful message for the kiddos, right? Well, here are two (at least) examples of mainstream media with strong positive naturist content, not only forContinue reading “Naturist Support in Children’s Media”


Definitions of “cheek“: (1) the fleshy part of the face on either side of the mouth (2) a buttock (3) a frank, daring attitude (4) the way some people pronounce that French word for “cool” All of these definitions apply to one of naturism’s newest, cheekiest, and most dynamic web presences. Nurba: Urban Naturism andContinue reading “Cheek”

Bernard Perroud, Somanaut

Bernard Perroud, creator of the cover image for Co-ed Naked Philosophy, is a prolific and highly imaginative artist, comfortable and talented in diverse media, whose blog I have long admired. Here he is, chasing inspiration in his dreams, or as he writes:    Trying to visualize the feeling of flight while dreaming… DreamFly1 His artisticContinue reading “Bernard Perroud, Somanaut”