Bernard Perroud, Somanaut

Bernard Perroud, creator of the cover image for Co-ed Naked Philosophy, is a prolific and highly imaginative artist, comfortable and talented in diverse media, whose blog I have long admired. Here he is, chasing inspiration in his dreams, or as he writes:

   Trying to visualize the feeling of flight while dreaming…


His artistic interests range from architecture, landscape, and public spaces to automobiles and sculpture, but one of his most abiding themes is the body. I think of Bernard fondly as a “somanaut,” from the Greek for “body explorer,” because of the ways in which he illuminates aspects of corporeality. He writes,

Details of the body fascinate me because of the image associations and analogies that they provocate on multiple levels: feelings, architecture, design, etc.”

He illustrates these analogies with a series of renderings comparing the curves of female anatomy to those of a Porsche:



Many of his works delve deeply into such analogies, such as the striking architectural resonances of his marvelously original, metaphorically rich “Keystone” series:

Keystone4 (Keystone Theory)
Another of his corporeal architectures is the “Belly Column” series (samples below). As with many of his works, Bernard shows stages of the work in progress on his blog. One of the aspects I most appreciate and enjoy about Bernard’s blog is this very tendency, or even this insistence, of showing his work in progress. It’s a terrific window on the creative process, the artist at work, dealing with everything from materials needs to time constraints to a fickle muse!

Belly Column in the Setting Sun
Belly Column (finished)
click for panoramic view

His anatomical images will often capture a novel comparative perspective between the sexes, as in “Hers and His Legs” and “Couples” below:

He n She Legs
Especially through my writing of the “Body Verses” series on this site, I feel an affinity to Bernard’s explorations in art and anatomy, function and design, in which an element of isolation or objectivity yields original conceptions.

A final few of my favorites: “Yoni Steel Stick Chart,” “Skin and Bones,” and a photo combining three versions of his project “Hang” with his notes:
Skin and Bones
What is it that I’m looking for?
A gesture?
Metaphysical games?
Is there a conflict between the reality of our dreams and this other one that we concede (sometimes!) to be more “real”?

What is the value of a “representation”?

Bernard’s blog brims over with his engagements of these questions, his creative works that never cease to amaze and delight. What you’ve seen here is merely a minuscule sample of his prodigious creativity. Peruse Bernard’s blog at for wondrous perspectives on humanity through his artistic intersections of anatomy and architecture, of dream, desire, and design.

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