Work in Progress

My second novel is in development! It’s an adventure story involving the search for lost testimonies from the 16th century. When an earthquake damages the oldest public library in the Americas, an anthropologist and an art collector start a quest that leads them to a major scientific discovery on the relationship of the human bodyContinue reading “Work in Progress”

Naturist Family Values

Naturist families face any number of questions about how to deal with making known their naturist values. Do you tell the neighbors? Co-workers? What about close friends and family? What about if your family is already well-known, celebrity-status? Maybe you want to keep the paparazzi at bay as much as possible. Probably all celebrities do,Continue reading “Naturist Family Values”

Nude Physics 4: Vibrations

I believe that our bodies interact with the space around them in ways that are more complex than simply “taking up space.” I don’t think these interactions are mysterious, necessarily, just little known or poorly understood. One of these spatial interactions, for example, would be the release of pheromones or other hormones that send amorousContinue reading “Nude Physics 4: Vibrations”