Nude Physics 4: Vibrations

I believe that our bodies interact with the space around them in ways that are more complex than simply “taking up space.” I don’t think these interactions are mysterious, necessarily, just little known or poorly understood. One of these spatial interactions, for example, would be the release of pheromones or other hormones that send amorous cues to lovers or fright signals to dogs or wasps.

In keeping with the nude physics theme, what I’m exploring here, among these little-known bodily interactions, is vibrations. Our natural body vibration–our pulse–is muffled or restricted by clothing. Textiles also impede the ionic flow across the membrane of our skin as electrical field. We all know clothes are necessary when it’s cold, yet instead of wrapping ourselves in a practical way–in loose cloaks, shawls, capes, robes, or the like–we tend to wear, to our detriment, clothes that pinch us at the waist, the neck, the ankles and wrists, the groin, and the underarm area. These textile designs are harmful because they obstruct both pulse and ion flow precisely at weaker areas of our body’s articulation.

In this way, clothing restricts the everyday vibrational energy of our bodies. This oscillating energy is often identified with the Chinese concept of qi (or chi), though there are many similar terms for it. In an acupuncture experiment in Australia, clothing reduced the stimulation of this vibrational energy flow from the 100% control condition (nude) by 20% (wearing cotton) to 60% (wearing nylon) [link here – very interesting article; for acupuncture experiment see page 8]. The author of this study, John Veltheim, goes on to state: “From a bioenergetic point of view, clothing builds up stress in the body with an accumulative effect” (8-9).

Intensities of vibration

These kinds of textile restrictions are particularly unhealthy in the case of natural swelling, which produces an increased vibrational intensity. I don’t mean the body’s swelling to fight infection–a separate issue–but rather the swelling of erectile tissue, and of the pregnant womb. This is speculation on my part, but I propose that the throbbing of an erection is comparable to a cat’s purring – an increased vibration over and above the body’s baseline hum. Like purring, erections can be voluntary or involuntary; are not exclusively the result of physical stimulation; can be detected by touch; and usually are strong indicators of pleasure. No one would take offense to a cat’s purring, constricting its midsection or making it go for a swim in attempts to quell the condition, yet this is sometimes what is advocated regarding erections at naturist venues. Unlike the auditory manifestation of purring, however, erections manifest visually, and this is what provokes offense in some. But what suffers the consequences of this “erection exile” is the intensified throbbing that, like purring for cats, seems to function as a recharging of the metabolism.

Swelling fertility unbound

Vastly different in duration, scope, and outcome, yet still related to this phenomenon of corporeal vibrations, are the swellings of abdomen and breasts in pregnancy. Celebrated since time immemorial as fulsome fetishes of fertility (again, like the erect penis), these turgid organs significantly alter the mother’s metabolic baseline and can begin to take on a throbbing of their own that finds its best relief unbound and exposed. But once again, what is unfortunately advocated (by textile society, not by naturist venues) is the binding of these perfectly natural swellings in special bras, pants, and other “maternity wear.” Although these outfits are looser than what passes for normal clothing, they still rely on elastic and other synthetic materials, and are not as practical to manipulate–nor as adjustable for purposes of changing support needs–as wraps spun or sewn from ancient, more healthful, natural and “breathable” materials. These wraps, such as Mesoamerican rebozos or South Asian saris, are also ideal for supporting breastfeeding babies when needed.

My purpose in these four posts on nude physics has been to attempt considerations of the simple mechanics of nudity from a more objective standpoint, independent of moral or religious argument of any kind. Secular, scientific perspectives reveal the many practical advantages of nudity that religious and superstitious traditions, with frequent and misguided zeal in assuming an ethical high ground, seek to shroud in shame.

4 thoughts on “Nude Physics 4: Vibrations

  1. A pair of comments on this one:Forty years ago, when I was more reckless, I took a lot of LSD. There was a social phenomenon among acidheads, in which everybody realized the same thing at the same time. (Synchronicity seemed enhanced somehow too.) Most likely this had nothing to do with the drug, but with being open to mental behavior that we usually override. It may have been related to the \”being watched\” phenomenon in which part of us picks up cues too subtle to articulate. Pheromones maybe, maybe barely audible sounds, maybe other things interacting in the environment, barely noticed, and our brains picking up the watcher the way astronomers deduce planets in other solar systems from periodic deformations in their stars. I never tripped naked, but I wonder if our largest organ might tune into things better uncovered.Economist E. F. Schumacher suggested that simply cut garments that draped attractively would be more comfortable and economical than western styles.

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  2. Thanks for these comments, Tom – use of hallucinogens, I imagine, would indeed bring about heightened sensory perception, and not just through the skin. I think there's still so much more to learn about our bodies. I like the idea of the \”simply cut garments that drape attractively.\” People would still foist status through price and coloration of the cloth, etc. – inevitable. But the comfort level, and ability to adapt / wrap / unwrap easily, would be a great improvement.


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