Barcelona’s Nude Beach

I went to Barcelona recently for a conference, and my spouse traveled with me. Before we left, I read about the city’s attractions – architecture, art, sports, etc. – and also beaches, one of which, Platja de la Mar Bella, is an unofficial nude beach. The name means ‘Beach of the Beautiful Sea’ in Catalan.Continue reading “Barcelona’s Nude Beach”


I’m finding this to be a difficult post to write, and I can imagine that it might be somewhat controversial. But I believe that what I need to say here needs to be out. And I want to thank Ginger @breastsrhealthy for setting an example with her consistently helpful and respectful tone in addressing widespread ignoranceContinue reading “Respect”

Nude Physics 4: Vibrations

I believe that our bodies interact with the space around them in ways that are more complex than simply “taking up space.” I don’t think these interactions are mysterious, necessarily, just little known or poorly understood. One of these spatial interactions, for example, would be the release of pheromones or other hormones that send amorousContinue reading “Nude Physics 4: Vibrations”