Naked Social Euphoria

 A brief review of Co-ed Naked Philosophy from Martin Brant:

Author Will Forest has a unique appreciation for the human body. I call it unique when it should be considered normal, but somehow our society has gotten onto a path of misguided morality that somehow judges the human body as shameful. Hence Co-ed Naked Philosophy, Forest’s eclectic novel about a college professor who decides to swim upstream against society’s mores by creating a clothes-free environment in his classroom.

Masterfully written, this novel will delight you and take you into a world which is a mix of controversy and naked social euphoria. As you read one chapter after another, you’ll wonder why our world can’t be more like professor Christopher Ross envisions his should be. You’ll want to take off your clothes and find out what it’s like to enjoy your body in the sunshine and fresh air in the company of others that think like you.

Highly recommended. Co-ed Naked Philosophy is a tale unlike anything you’ve ever read.

Martin Brant
Author of Five Married Men, A Part of My Soul, The Strange Haunting of Johnny Feelwater and other novels

I love Martin’s phrase “naked social euphoria”! 
Here’s one of the examples from Co-ed Naked Philosophy that may have inspired the phrase:

Greg matched Alex’s pace at the front of the streak. He felt his toes pumping the wet grass. He felt the wind, full force, against his chest, his abdomen, his shins. Most pleasurably, he felt his penis and scrotum bobbing up and down, occasionally back and forth, between his thighs. Why on earth doesn’t this happen more often, he asked himself, sincerely astonished. This is like… like what? Like learning you can do something new with your body that you never even suspected, like learning how to fly. Like a joy unleashed, and like a oneness with humanity. He slowed down, wanting to observe more than to run just another race, and he was treated to the vision of his fellow students jumping on and off benches, for the sheer joy of it, and hugging trees, and stopping, far too briefly, to roll in the autumn leaves.
A young woman jogged by in front of him, her orange breasts oscillating up and down and her ponytail slapping her yellow shoulders right and left. Greg smiled, stopped completely for a moment, and planted his red hands on his yellow knees. He looked around him: everywhere, iridescent bodies running naked through the night of All Hallow’s Eve! Exhilarated, he felt his scrotum contract and his penis stir with the novelty of the chill breeze, and then a hand slapping his buttock.
            “Don’t stop now, Mr. 800-Meters!” Terrence called out as he sprinted past with Renee, blending into the darkness until all Greg could see were the green stripes down their backs and the pale soles of their feet flashing up and down in unison.
            And Greg understood. He collapsed onto the cool grass a little out of the way, rolling around with his knees up so the approaching streakers wouldn’t trample him. “I sing the body electric!” he hollered to the sky. There were no clouds; the stars and the luscious moon shone as naked as he. He lay there a few minutes, enchanted by his worm’s-eye view of the muscular multicolor pillars that were the legs striding past him, and the arching rainbow backs, the wavering paisley buttocks, the bouncing polka-dot nipples. When he sensed he was the last, he jumped up and chased after them as fast as he could. “Hey, wait up! Wait for me!”
Runners at the famous Roskilde event

2 thoughts on “Naked Social Euphoria

  1. I haven't seen the movie yet (I know, shame on me) but your sample from the book makes me think of Avatar.By the way – I'm just discovering your blog thanks to the Nudiarist via Facebook. You truly are a gifted writer and I look forward to catching up.


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