From Forest to Garden

Tenho saudades dos escritos de Ed Garden.

Ed Garden was (maybe still is?) a young naturist based in Brazil who set up a terrific naturist blog called Nus Pela Terra (Nudes Around the / For the World) at He compiled a terrific variety of posts on everything from public nudity to the philosophy of naturism and ecology. The blog must have lasted from approximately 2008-2009, but is long since inaccessible.

A few seedlings from the Garden remain, however, because Ed was also a featured columnist for the early numbers of Brasil Naturista magazine (back issues are still available). His seasonal and well-seasoned takes on nudity and nudism refreshed the reader with their push-the-envelope irreverence and wry wordplay such as the title “Nádegas a Declarar” (Buttocks to Declare but sounds similar to Nothing to Declare, as when passing through customs). In Ed’s daringly off-kilter, off-with-the-kilt world, fig leaves from the Garden of Eden were on sale for a buck a dozen, the national anthem gave way to the genital anthem, and societal mores undressed as giddily as the naturists in the photos accompanying his columns.

Then, something happened, and Ed seems to have stopped tending his Garden of clever delights. Apparently he was last seen running away from it all at the Roskilde nude race in 2009. So here’s a belated shout-out from Forest to Garden, from one great place for naturism to another, and from one internet voice for naturism to another:

Where are you, Edgard de Oliveira? Come tend your Garden!
Cadê você? Sumiu!

Brasil Naturista 2 (Jun-Jul 2007): 20-21.

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