AGLOW is lit!

Writing a book is one thing, but putting it together is quite another thing entirely…

Between proofing, formatting, page numbering (way too complicated for what it is), building the active table of contents for the Kindle edition, etc., etc., etc. and all the other aspects that go into finishing a book, what I can finally say is, phew! Aglow is now available to order in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Here is the fantastic cover art by Bernard Perroud, including the back cover blurb:

Marisol Aguilar is a young historian and intern at the Palafox Library in Puebla, Mexico. When she and art collector Zé Queluz escape from the library in the aftermath of an earthquake, their quest for lost testimonies of the pre-colonial Americas leads them to a new understanding of colorful legends, and of ancient rituals.

On the CreateSpace page, I chose the category Fiction / Alternate History for this book. But is Aglow also naturist fiction? The novel’s contemporary characters–like Marisol and Zé–engage with the modern idea of naturism. The sixteenth-century characters who speak through their testimonies could be called proto-naturists, and in their own ways, they are just as radical as those of us who count ourselves as naturists today can be. But I’ve tried to evade dogmatic naturism, because in the end (and what an end it is!) social nudism is expressed for a purpose that’s very natural, completely necessary, and yet wholly unique.

My best wishes for your reading enjoyment!


4 thoughts on “AGLOW is lit!

  1. I really enjoyed this book. It's by far the best naturist themed fiction that I have read. It got me very interested in the historical backdrop. Such a moving story based on a real historical setting. I will read more about the ancient Americans and their culture. The nudism was well handled and so fitting to the story. It was a very accurate portrayal of nudism in the present day. I'm already shopping Amazon for more from this writer


  2. Many thanks for your comment, Philip! I'm very glad to know the book earned your praise. My other novel is Co-ed Naked Philosophy, set in the contemporary USA. Best naturally, Will


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