Nude Spa of Ancient Mexico

Over the last few years, Mexico’s clothes-free tourism industry has steadily increased in quality and quantity of venues. There are now a half-dozen or so official clothing-optional or nudist sites, mostly along the Riviera Maya (see here for a recent list of Mexico’s nude beaches and resorts). It’s interesting to note that at several ofContinue reading “Nude Spa of Ancient Mexico”

Clothed with Nature

The indigenous populations of the Americas have long been a source of inspiration for natural associations to nudity, such as the work of Javier Silva Meinel. A photographer from Lima, Peru (b. 1949), Silva Meinel studied both economics and photography and won a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work on Andean rituals. He has also photographedContinue reading “Clothed with Nature”

Naked Rambler of the 19th-C. Andes

He assumed several names.He rambled over many nations, nude whenever possible.He set up schools wherever he went.And he was the tutor of Simón Bolívar, the famous South American Libertador. Portrait of Simón Rodríguez, Gabriel D´Empaire Simón Carreño was born and orphaned in Spanish colonial Caracas, Venezuela in 1769. In his teens he changed his surnameContinue reading “Naked Rambler of the 19th-C. Andes”

From Forest to Garden

Tenho saudades dos escritos de Ed Garden. Ed Garden was (maybe still is?) a young naturist based in Brazil who set up a terrific naturist blog called Nus Pela Terra (Nudes Around the / For the World) at He compiled a terrific variety of posts on everything from public nudity to the philosophy ofContinue reading “From Forest to Garden”

Naturism in Brazil

I’ve had the opportunity to meet several naturist leaders in Brazil and visit a couple of naturist sites there. In a nutshell, here’s what I’ve learned about Brazilian naturism: Besides the US and Canada, Brazil is the only other country in the Americas that has a national naturist federation. Its sites and groups range fromContinue reading “Naturism in Brazil”

Legendary Naturist King

Adam and Eve. Lady Godiva. The Emperor and his “new” clothes. Venus. David. Archimedes. St. Francis. Among the rich contributions that myth, history, folklore and art have made to nudist and naturist imagery, a much too forgotten figure is El Dorado. This is especially surprising given that El Dorado’s story features not one but twoContinue reading “Legendary Naturist King”