Disrobing Suspense: P. Z. Walker

The latest featured writer in this new run of Disrobing Suspense is P. Z. Walker, author of the three-title Naked Crow series. Paul (P. Z. Walker) tells me that he wrote the books “for non-nudists as well as nudists. Nudists like to read books in which nudism is treated as the normal thing it is,Continue reading “Disrobing Suspense: P. Z. Walker”

Interview with Steve White

Steve White maintains one of the most body-positive Facebook pages and Twitter feeds you will find anywhere. Follow him, and his inspirational messages and images will remind you every day how important you are, how beautiful you are, and how much you should love yourself first and foremost. ①. Steve, how did you become interestedContinue reading “Interview with Steve White”

Introducing the Family, part two

In three years on this blog, the most popular post that I’ve written is Introducing the Family from October 2011. Evidently a lot of people would like some tips on how to get the whole family to embrace naturism. In fact, when my whole family and I went to the naturist park two weekends ago,Continue reading “Introducing the Family, part two”

Freedom of Dress

Today is a day to celebrate freedoms here in the United States, freedoms such as those depicted by the celebrated mid-20th-century American realist painter Norman Rockwell in his series called the Four Freedoms (clockwise from top left, below): Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. These 1943 paintings, if not exclusively propaganda,Continue reading “Freedom of Dress”

New Brazilian Naturist Community

Just north of Salvador, capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia, there is a new naturist community under construction. It’s called Ecovila da Mata, which is like saying Eco-Town in the Jungle. Ecovila da Mata aims to be an ecologically sustainable community, less like the venerable Brazilian naturist collective Colina do Sol (founded 1995 inContinue reading “New Brazilian Naturist Community”

Asking Better Questions

Naturism FAQs: Just because the questions in red strikethrough below are the frequently asked ones, doesn’t mean they’re the best ones… Moving from: What if I see someone I know at the naturist park / I’m a single male / my spouse is reluctant?Moving to: What can I do to get more people I know involvedContinue reading “Asking Better Questions”


One encouraging result of the Fall Arts Festival at Oaklake Trails is that one of the artists who attended has decided to make naturism the topic of her research paper in a sociology course. She asked to interview me, so we did, but the tape recorder wasn’t working properly and so I wrote a summaryContinue reading “Freedom”

On Act Naturally

“Costume Designer: Madre Naturaleza.” This quick joke, hidden in plain sight among the opening credits of Act Naturally, is just one of the many little jewels in this NDST-friendly film’s treasure chest. Screenwriter and director JP Riley has crafted an all-around terrific film that works so well on so many different levels: it’s a primerContinue reading “On Act Naturally”

Happy 20th, Oaklake Trails!

Twenty years ago, a half-dozen brave naturists signed a collective agreement to purchase a large parcel of land in northeast Oklahoma, halfway between the state’s two largest cities (Oklahoma City and Tulsa). The forested land, including several small lakes and the highest point in Creek County, became Oaklake Trails Naturist Park. The pioneers who foundedContinue reading “Happy 20th, Oaklake Trails!”

Introducing the Family

What do you do when you’ve found that your love for being nude is not shared by your family? First, clarify your assumptions. Maybe you aren’t giving your family members enough opportunities, or enough information, to decide for themselves. Don’t write them off just yet! That was my experience. What follows is the story ofContinue reading “Introducing the Family”