Need a Swimsuit?

You need a swimsuit… like a chicken needs suspenders like an eagle needs a parachute like a maple needs a hat like an elephant needs shoes like a dolphin needs a swimsuit like a filing cabinet needs an apple pie! You need a swimsuit… like the sand needs an hourglass,  like the waves need aContinue reading “Need a Swimsuit?”

12 Nude Year Resolutions

Nudity can be light-hearted, but there are times when it’s no joke. When people, whether individuals or groups, risk arrest or worse simply for posting nude photographs of themselves in those parts of the world still clutching very restrictive ideas about nudity (and sometimes those parts of the world are closer to home than oneContinue reading “12 Nude Year Resolutions”

Pixelization = Titillation

Far from supposedly protecting the innocent or the easily offended, pixelization on TV or in the movies actually increases prurient and overtly sexual interest in the body. Can there be any doubt that the TV networks and the government don’t realize this? Of course they do: sex sells. Bars or spots covering the breasts, buttocksContinue reading “Pixelization = Titillation”