Nude Immersions

I’ve recently read a couple of books related to naturism and nudity, and specifically to the idea of immersion: in water, in nature, in social nudism. Janet Lembke’s Skinny Dipping (University of Virginia Press, 1994) is a collection of essays revolving around the theme of nature and human nature, or as the subtitle says, “andContinue reading “Nude Immersions”

Disrobing Suspense: Conclusions

This last post presents some concluding remarks culled from follow-up exchanges with the writers I’ve profiled here, followed by an example of my own work. Again, many thanks to fellow writers Grace Crowley, Tom Pine, and Cor van de Sande, whose imaginative works and friendly correspondence are sources of inspiration to me. Special thanks toContinue reading “Disrobing Suspense: Conclusions”

Disrobing Suspense: Tom Pine

The third profile on the “Disrobing Suspense” series is Tom Pine, who has written numerous, very inventive naturist stories available on his site The Naked Truth Naturists. He has published novels, some of which are also naturist in content: The Neighbors, Father Al Takes a Vacation, and Father Al Has a Birthday Party. He hasContinue reading “Disrobing Suspense: Tom Pine”

Disrobing Suspense: Grace Crowley

*This post has been updated. Since the time of the interview (July 2012), the artist has transitioned and now identifies as Grace Crowley (formerly Stephen).*   The second guest profile on “Disrobing Suspense” is Grace Crowley, famous for the Loxie & Zoot and The Bare Pit webcomics series, featuring Loxie, Zoot, Willow, Tash, Mungo andContinue reading “Disrobing Suspense: Grace Crowley”

Disrobing Suspense: Cor van de Sande

Do you like a good whodunnit, murder mystery, or spy thriller? There is a huge market for books and films like these, and obviously many people love them. But if you’re a writer who’s not littering your text with corpses or carefully planned clues and red herrings, how do you engage suspense–the tension that makesContinue reading “Disrobing Suspense: Cor van de Sande”

The Way to Walk in the World

In the middle of the jungle lies a pristine lake disputed by nations, narcos, and one massive energy project. An industrialist above the law steals ancient testimonies long hidden by kings and popes. An inexperienced translator, hired to fail, uncovers truths so unsettling they redefine the rights of properties and persons. Oh yeah: And hundredsContinue reading “The Way to Walk in the World”

Naturist Support in Children’s Media

If you’re a naturist parent or educator, you’re probably as sick as I am of skinny-dip slasher flicks or penis-for-laughs “bromance” films and their reinforcement of the “either-sin-or-comedy” definition of nudity. Awful message for the kiddos, right? Well, here are two (at least) examples of mainstream media with strong positive naturist content, not only forContinue reading “Naturist Support in Children’s Media”

Know What Censorship Is

Censorship is ignorance. How to fight it? Read more about naturism, including Co-ed Naked Philosophy! The excerpt below is based on an actual incident a few years ago in Florida, involving a complaint about a lawn-statue replica of Michelangelo’s David:     Censorship resulting from a “concerned citizen”? To their credit, the Channel 5 news teamContinue reading “Know What Censorship Is”

Naked Santa Cyclist

Happy December! It was around this time some years ago that an interesting cyclist began circulating the city streets where I live. He was such an attention-grabbing character that he rode off the streets and right into my novel, Co-ed Naked Philosophy. Here’s part of a passage from the novel featuring the Naked Santa Cyclist:Continue reading “Naked Santa Cyclist”

Not Your Typical Philosophy 101 Text!

Just in time for holiday gift ordering! Co-ed Naked Philosophy, print edition (paperback), is now available through Amazon! Co-ed Naked Philosophy is the story of students and professors taking off their clothes to take on social conventions! A couple of clothesfree courses ignite a body-attitude revolution that changes the campus, the community, and the media.Continue reading “Not Your Typical Philosophy 101 Text!”