Work in Progress

My second novel is in development! It’s an adventure story involving the search for lost testimonies from the 16th century. When an earthquake damages the oldest public library in the Americas, an anthropologist and an art collector start a quest that leads them to a major scientific discovery on the relationship of the human bodyContinue reading “Work in Progress”

Legends of Naturism

Naturism is multicultural! Here are some pithy profiles of nude heroes and heroines from around the world and throughout history.  LADY GODIVA 11th-Century England Truth, or dare? The truth: Her husband, sure of a refusal, dared her to ride through town unattired. But it was the daring Lady Godiva herself who threw down her gauntlet, and everythingContinue reading “Legends of Naturism”

Freedom of Dress

Today is a day to celebrate freedoms here in the United States, freedoms such as those depicted by the celebrated mid-20th-century American realist painter Norman Rockwell in his series called the Four Freedoms (clockwise from top left, below): Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. These 1943 paintings, if not exclusively propaganda,Continue reading “Freedom of Dress”

Nude Physics 3: Luminosity

I’m neither physicist nor physician, so it’s only with a bit of creative license that I’m exploring, in this series of posts, certain physical properties of our bodies when nude. The first two posts in the series have featured concepts from physics that are perhaps more obviously applicable to our bodies: surface area to volumeContinue reading “Nude Physics 3: Luminosity”

Nude Physics 1: Surface Area to Volume Ratio

Naturism and social nudism involve the exposure of voluminous parts of our bodies that are obsessively covered by the norms of Western society. No matter what size your breasts, genitals, or buttocks, you are uncovering some expansive corporeal real estate when you undress, and this is one of the most celebrated aspects of naturism, thatContinue reading “Nude Physics 1: Surface Area to Volume Ratio”

Nude Immersions

I’ve recently read a couple of books related to naturism and nudity, and specifically to the idea of immersion: in water, in nature, in social nudism. Janet Lembke’s Skinny Dipping (University of Virginia Press, 1994) is a collection of essays revolving around the theme of nature and human nature, or as the subtitle says, “andContinue reading “Nude Immersions”

Customs & Costumes

Bathing costume: there’s a phrase hardly anyone uses anymore. Yet the different textile objects to which the phrase can refer are still so widely used that the costume has become a custom. According to my trusty old American Heritage Dictionary, costume and custom have a common etymological root, “seu,” meaning “of oneself.” Think of oldContinue reading “Customs & Costumes”

Need a Swimsuit?

You need a swimsuit… like a chicken needs suspenders like an eagle needs a parachute like a maple needs a hat like an elephant needs shoes like a dolphin needs a swimsuit like a filing cabinet needs an apple pie! You need a swimsuit… like the sand needs an hourglass,  like the waves need aContinue reading “Need a Swimsuit?”

Legendary Naturist King

Adam and Eve. Lady Godiva. The Emperor and his “new” clothes. Venus. David. Archimedes. St. Francis. Among the rich contributions that myth, history, folklore and art have made to nudist and naturist imagery, a much too forgotten figure is El Dorado. This is especially surprising given that El Dorado’s story features not one but twoContinue reading “Legendary Naturist King”