Legendary Naturist King

Adam and Eve. Lady Godiva. The Emperor and his “new” clothes. Venus. David. Archimedes. St. Francis. Among the rich contributions that myth, history, folklore and art have made to nudist and naturist imagery, a much too forgotten figure is El Dorado. This is especially surprising given that El Dorado’s story features not one but two […]

Intactivists and Lactivists

The cleverly named intactivists (against circumcision) and lactivists (for breastfeeding) have protagonized the news lately. One group wants the government to ban a bodily practice, the other group wants the government to encourage a bodily practice. But most importantly, both groups embrace the inviolate integrity of the human body and the functions for which it […]


When the teacher would call roll in grade school, the correct way to respond was “Present!” For a lot of kids, it didn’t make any sense. What did birthday gifts have to do with attending class? Only after we caught the connection to the word “presence” did the answer start making any sense: being present is […]