Not Your Typical Philosophy 101 Text!

Just in time for holiday gift ordering! Co-ed Naked Philosophy, print edition (paperback), is now available through Amazon! Co-ed Naked Philosophy is the story of students and professors taking off their clothes to take on social conventions! A couple of clothesfree courses ignite a body-attitude revolution that changes the campus, the community, and the media.Continue reading “Not Your Typical Philosophy 101 Text!”

Adam & Eve to be Nude Anew?

In development for release in late 2013 is a new “action film” version of John Milton’s classic epic poem Paradise Lost (published 1667). The director is Alex Proyas, the producers include Vincent Newman, and the production will film in Australia under the aegis of Legendary Pictures. Paradise Lost tells the story of Adam, Eve, andContinue reading “Adam & Eve to be Nude Anew?”

Wild Child of the Forest

“How naked, and–how bold!” These are Mother Wolf’s words to describe the man-cub discovered in the jungle, who has come to drink her milk with the other cubs. The wolves are astounded by the child’s lack of fur, so Mother Wolf names him for his smooth skin: Mowgli, meaning “frog” in Hindi. That man-cub is,Continue reading “Wild Child of the Forest”

Peace, Love & Nuderstanding

It ain’t no typo, ya’ nuderstand? If you nuderstand me, you stand by me in nude solidarity! It’s a nuder understanding, an understanding without the underwear! Words are tools of thought. Sometimes, to express new thoughts, or even to refresh old ones, we need new tools. The language that we use to speak and write about naturism andContinue reading “Peace, Love & Nuderstanding”

Nude on Halloween

Many nudists and naturists love to dress up for Halloween. This may seem contradictory at first blush, but it actually makes a lot of sense. More than most people, nudists and naturists realize how much of a costume our everyday clothing is, and how arbitrary the way that we dress ourselves is. (Really, why doContinue reading “Nude on Halloween”

Introducing the Family

What do you do when you’ve found that your love for being nude is not shared by your family? First, clarify your assumptions. Maybe you aren’t giving your family members enough opportunities, or enough information, to decide for themselves. Don’t write them off just yet! That was my experience. What follows is the story ofContinue reading “Introducing the Family”

The Naked Knight

A Nugget of Nudist Nonsense There once was a knight who, to small stature born,went out in the world wearing all could be worn.He dressed endless layers of cotton and woolto fit ‘neath the armor he always wore full. How a man schall be armyd at his ese He sweat, and he stank, from suchContinue reading “The Naked Knight”

Anything Goes?

“In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. Now, heaven knows, Anything Goes!” -Cole Porter American composer Cole Porter’s marvelous musical Anything Goes debuted on Broadway in 1934, in the middle of the Great Depression. The American Sunbathing Association, precursor to today’s AANR, was just three years old at theContinue reading “Anything Goes?”

From Forest to Garden

Tenho saudades dos escritos de Ed Garden. Ed Garden was (maybe still is?) a young naturist based in Brazil who set up a terrific naturist blog called Nus Pela Terra (Nudes Around the / For the World) at He compiled a terrific variety of posts on everything from public nudity to the philosophy ofContinue reading “From Forest to Garden”