The Fig Leaf Fetish

Someone told me recently that naturism kills eroticism; in other words, that so much constant nudity eliminates the thrill of sexual anticipation. I don’t always agree–context is everything–but I know that this point of view is widely sustained at different times and for different reasons. Naturists – always having to defend that we’re not generallyContinue reading “The Fig Leaf Fetish”

Exposed to Learning

Those of us who are educators as well as naturists / social nudists often ask ourselves how to bridge the two: What are good ideas for structuring a naturist education? What would be the practical constraints of establishing a school where people could be nude? Nude Classroom I While it’s possible to learn about socialism,Continue reading “Exposed to Learning”

No Real Nudity

Want to practice your life drawing skills? Here’s what the ad says: “Bare Talent. Come hone yours at the Museum, Thursday January 3 at the Life Drawing Studio.” Sounds fine, perfectly normal. Life drawing means rendering sketches of nude models, after all, hence the catchy phrase “Bare Talent.” But here’s the kicker. The ad, fromContinue reading “No Real Nudity”

Fall Arts Festival

st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } [press release for immediate distribution, from Oaklake Trails Naturist Park] Contact: Tel: 918-324-5999 Dateline: Depew, OK Ever wonder what it would be like to experience the arts au naturel? Now is your chance! Oaklake Trails Naturist Park, located midway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, is hosting the First Annual Fall Arts Festival, Saturday,Continue reading “Fall Arts Festival”

Disrobing Suspense: Grace Crowley

*This post has been updated. Since the time of the interview (July 2012), the artist has transitioned and now identifies as Grace Crowley (formerly Stephen).*   The second guest profile on “Disrobing Suspense” is Grace Crowley, famous for the Loxie & Zoot and The Bare Pit webcomics series, featuring Loxie, Zoot, Willow, Tash, Mungo andContinue reading “Disrobing Suspense: Grace Crowley”

Naturist Support in Children’s Media

If you’re a naturist parent or educator, you’re probably as sick as I am of skinny-dip slasher flicks or penis-for-laughs “bromance” films and their reinforcement of the “either-sin-or-comedy” definition of nudity. Awful message for the kiddos, right? Well, here are two (at least) examples of mainstream media with strong positive naturist content, not only forContinue reading “Naturist Support in Children’s Media”


Definitions of “cheek“: (1) the fleshy part of the face on either side of the mouth (2) a buttock (3) a frank, daring attitude (4) the way some people pronounce that French word for “cool” All of these definitions apply to one of naturism’s newest, cheekiest, and most dynamic web presences. Nurba: Urban Naturism andContinue reading “Cheek”

Nude Spa of Ancient Mexico

Over the last few years, Mexico’s clothes-free tourism industry has steadily increased in quality and quantity of venues. There are now a half-dozen or so official clothing-optional or nudist sites, mostly along the Riviera Maya (see here for a recent list of Mexico’s nude beaches and resorts). It’s interesting to note that at several ofContinue reading “Nude Spa of Ancient Mexico”

Know What Censorship Is

Censorship is ignorance. How to fight it? Read more about naturism, including Co-ed Naked Philosophy! The excerpt below is based on an actual incident a few years ago in Florida, involving a complaint about a lawn-statue replica of Michelangelo’s David:     Censorship resulting from a “concerned citizen”? To their credit, the Channel 5 news teamContinue reading “Know What Censorship Is”

Bernard Perroud, Somanaut

Bernard Perroud, creator of the cover image for Co-ed Naked Philosophy, is a prolific and highly imaginative artist, comfortable and talented in diverse media, whose blog I have long admired. Here he is, chasing inspiration in his dreams, or as he writes:    Trying to visualize the feeling of flight while dreaming… DreamFly1 His artisticContinue reading “Bernard Perroud, Somanaut”