Naturist Art Double Standard

Let’s say I‘m an amateur painter. I paint a nude, show it in a gallery, and attempt to sell it. Naturists, in general, will support me. Let’s say I’m a fairly accomplished sculptor. I sculpt a nude, show it in a gallery, and attempt to sell it. Naturists, in general, will support me.  It’s the sameContinue reading “Naturist Art Double Standard”

No Pockets

Ever since our hominid ancestors started walking upright, we’ve had the need to move things around with us from one place to another. The grip of our opposable thumbs was a huge benefit for carrying things, yet it was often necessary to use our hands to throw rocks or pick berries, while still holding somethingContinue reading “No Pockets”

Work in Progress

My second novel is in development! It’s an adventure story involving the search for lost testimonies from the 16th century. When an earthquake damages the oldest public library in the Americas, an anthropologist and an art collector start a quest that leads them to a major scientific discovery on the relationship of the human bodyContinue reading “Work in Progress”

Legends of Naturism

Naturism is multicultural! Here are some pithy profiles of nude heroes and heroines from around the world and throughout history.  LADY GODIVA 11th-Century England Truth, or dare? The truth: Her husband, sure of a refusal, dared her to ride through town unattired. But it was the daring Lady Godiva herself who threw down her gauntlet, and everythingContinue reading “Legends of Naturism”

Naturist Trolls?

Disney’s über-popular Frozen debuted months ago, but I didn’t see it until this weekend, and there are a couple of quick pro-naturist points I would like to make about the film. The story is set loosely in Scandinavia, maybe Norway. In the scene in which younger sister Anna meets ice-cutter Kristoff, a storekeeper is haggling overContinue reading “Naturist Trolls?”

Populate the Nudescape

I’m driving along an avenue in town, one I drive frequently, and I’m noticing these small green areas every so often along the sides of the avenue – areas bigger than yards but not big enough to be parks. They are easements, or “green belts,” areas around drainage ditches – places nobody thinks about exceptContinue reading “Populate the Nudescape”

Happy Nude Year, Baby

There’s an ancient allegory of the seasons, with spring as birth, summer as youth, autumn as maturity, and winter as old age. Even though the start of the year in the Western calendar – January 1st – doesn’t coincide with the vernal equinox, at some point the ancient allegory of the seasons was accommodated toContinue reading “Happy Nude Year, Baby”

Beautiful Nude Remedies

She is one of the most memorable characters from one of the most beloved books in the world, and it’s time to recognize her for what she is: a nudist. I’m referring to Remedios la Bella from Colombian Nobel Laureate Gabriel García Márquez’s Cien años de soledad (One Hundred Years of Solitude).  “El realismo virtualContinue reading “Beautiful Nude Remedies”

The Tailor

(in which a man “of the cloth” experiences a seam-splitting epiphany)   The tailor plied his trade for years – a craft he chose o’er all careers – and kept his shop on Fashion Street where loyal clients he would meet.  He stocked his buttons, threads, and lace and reams of cloth o’erflowed the place:Continue reading “The Tailor”

Freedom of Dress

Today is a day to celebrate freedoms here in the United States, freedoms such as those depicted by the celebrated mid-20th-century American realist painter Norman Rockwell in his series called the Four Freedoms (clockwise from top left, below): Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. These 1943 paintings, if not exclusively propaganda,Continue reading “Freedom of Dress”