Benevolent Exhibitionism

A couple of well-written and fair-minded recent articles in the Montreal Gazette have brought renewed attention to the intersections between nudism and exhibitionism. The latter term, most of the time, has a negative connotation except for people who enjoy it. But I think there is also a “benevolent exhibitionism” of the kind in which manyContinue reading “Benevolent Exhibitionism”

Exposed to Learning

Those of us who are educators as well as naturists / social nudists often ask ourselves how to bridge the two: What are good ideas for structuring a naturist education? What would be the practical constraints of establishing a school where people could be nude? Nude Classroom I While it’s possible to learn about socialism,Continue reading “Exposed to Learning”


One encouraging result of the Fall Arts Festival at Oaklake Trails is that one of the artists who attended has decided to make naturism the topic of her research paper in a sociology course. She asked to interview me, so we did, but the tape recorder wasn’t working properly and so I wrote a summaryContinue reading “Freedom”

Happy 20th, Oaklake Trails!

Twenty years ago, a half-dozen brave naturists signed a collective agreement to purchase a large parcel of land in northeast Oklahoma, halfway between the state’s two largest cities (Oklahoma City and Tulsa). The forested land, including several small lakes and the highest point in Creek County, became Oaklake Trails Naturist Park. The pioneers who foundedContinue reading “Happy 20th, Oaklake Trails!”

What Heaven Can Be

Distinguished members of the board, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen: There are NOT NEARLY ENOUGH nude images out there. And I don’t mean just on the Internet. I mean there aren’t enough non-sexual nude images out there in the greater world:  in textbooks, in galleries, on TV, on Facebook, in general-interest magazines, on posters, atContinue reading “What Heaven Can Be”

Naturist Support in Children’s Media

If you’re a naturist parent or educator, you’re probably as sick as I am of skinny-dip slasher flicks or penis-for-laughs “bromance” films and their reinforcement of the “either-sin-or-comedy” definition of nudity. Awful message for the kiddos, right? Well, here are two (at least) examples of mainstream media with strong positive naturist content, not only forContinue reading “Naturist Support in Children’s Media”

Naked Rambler of the 19th-C. Andes

He assumed several names.He rambled over many nations, nude whenever possible.He set up schools wherever he went.And he was the tutor of Simón Bolívar, the famous South American Libertador. Portrait of Simón Rodríguez, Gabriel D´Empaire Simón Carreño was born and orphaned in Spanish colonial Caracas, Venezuela in 1769. In his teens he changed his surnameContinue reading “Naked Rambler of the 19th-C. Andes”

Peace, Love & Nuderstanding

It ain’t no typo, ya’ nuderstand? If you nuderstand me, you stand by me in nude solidarity! It’s a nuder understanding, an understanding without the underwear! Words are tools of thought. Sometimes, to express new thoughts, or even to refresh old ones, we need new tools. The language that we use to speak and write about naturism andContinue reading “Peace, Love & Nuderstanding”